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I love taking little moments to let you guys all in. This blog began with the purpose of updating my readers (friends and family) on our newlywed lives, so occasionally I like to write posts like this to let you see into our current season. I read Leia's post this morning and knew it was time for me to update you all as well. 


Anticipating seeing Rachel, Jenni, and Lauren this weekend along with my sister in law (who is also Rachel Cox) for a fun calligraphy workshop and lunch date. These ladies have my heart and having them all in one spot is going to be such a treat...also, we are learning calligraphy! Whoop! 

Needing time to read for fun. It seems as though no matter how I plan my days, I manage to squeeze a million things into all the free spaces. I desperately miss curling up with a good book and losing myself in another world. 

Looking for booties that are basic and do not have heels. My style has changed so much since marriage, and I am so drawn to a very simple and minimalist style these days. So simple boots that I can just throw on with skinny jeans would be amazing. 

Loving all of the tea blends I have purchased from My Beauty Tea! They are amazing! Spicy Pumpkin is my favorite right now. 

Remembering the camping trip that Ben and I took last Valentine's Day. We took the picture above during that trip. It snowed, rained, and froze the whole time. But, it is one of my top 5 weekends thus far in marriage that I have experienced with my adventurous hubby. 

Mapping out new products for Oh Simple Joys. Ben and I are never lacking in ideas; on the contrary, we have so many ideas. Our biggest hurdle is time; we never seem to have enough time to create all the things in our heads. However, we are working hard on a few new items (we even purchased a new special saw for some of them!)

Deciding on big job decisions with Ben. He is coming to the end of his PhD this year, and we are beginning to have serious conversations about the type of job he should be looking for in light of the way we desire to live as a family. It is all really exciting, but we have many big decisions ahead. 

Stocking our kitchen with healthy things. We have had a big turn around in the way we cook and eat in the past year. I try to use whole ingredients that are in season. It is amazing how in tune with the earth you feel when you eat with the seasons (don't even think about calling me a hippie! It's true!)

Feeling the temptation to slip back into survival mode and coast through my days. I do not want to fall prey to this way of living that I let rule me for the majority of 2014. I want this year to be one of thriving, yet I am really having to fight against this old habit of my downward spiral. 

Choosing to be more intentional about community. I am learning to say yes more to spending time with people here and say no to 4 and 5 nights alone with Ben in front of the TV. I deeply desire to be obedient to the Lord's call on our lives and to be faithful to the people he has placed around us, and for too long, we have held tightly to the closed doors of our home. 

Dreaming of a new home. We will be moving out of our first home in May to a temporary duplex until Ben graduates in December. This has begun to get us excited about the idea of a new rental when Ben finishes school and we move to where he finds a job. (or who knows, we may even step into the world of house flipping, a huge dream of ours). This has me stepping into all the antique stores I see and swooning over all the vintage and rustic goodness housed inside each one. 

Celebrating the success of Oh Simple Joys. This shop was such a leap of faith, and while it doesn't look like I thought it would initially, it has been such a great adventure. The Lord has been so faithful to light my steps as I am trudging along new territory, and each of you have been faithful to support me and love me through it all! 

Pondering the words of Danielle. I cried, messy and ugly kind, when I read this post. It was like I was in her living room chatting with her and she saw into my heart and some of my deepest struggles. I will probably have a whole post birthed simply out of reading these words...seriously, go read it. Right now! 




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What is your favorite hot beverage?  I love, love, love coffee! But when I'm not drinking coffee you can find me sipping a vanilla chai tea latte.

How do you find inspiration? I seek inspiration by going for long drives, listening to indie music, or sitting in a coffee shop.

What goals are you setting for this new year? I have a few personal goals and some blog goals, but my goal overall is to grow in grace, truth, authenticity and self-love this year.



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What is your favorite hot drink?  A Starbucks mocha with whipped cream

How do you seek inspiration?  Pinterest is my favorite way to get inspired. I particularly love finding new travel blogs to read for travel inspiration!

What is one goal you have set for 2015?  To procrastinate less. We'll see how well this ones goes ;)


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What is your favorite hot beverage? Ooh, either mulled apple cider or a good nutty espresso shot

How do you find inspiration? Going somewhere beautiful-- whether it's a historical city or a gorgeous national park!

What is one goal you have for 2015?  to let go of control and cast my anxieties on the Lord!


What is your favorite hot drink? My favorite hot drink of all time is Constant Comment tea by Bigelow. 

How do you seek inspiration? I find inspiration everywhere. My mind is constantly firing so it could be a color, a cup, a situation, or a simple thought. 

What is one goal you have set for 2015?  i'd like to actually get my finances in order this year. I'm a spender not a saver but I've enlisted the boyfriend (who is a saver) to help me out with this one.