Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday to all you lovelies! We spent the weekend in Hernando, MS visiting with Ben's family! We enjoyed every single minute. It was so refreshing to have a day away from work and things at home to enjoy seeing friends and family. On Saturday my sister in law and I went a few minutes down the road for a calligraphy workshop. We met up with Jenni, Rachel, and Lauren and settled in for the two hour workshop with the talented Courtney Kassner of Accrewed Design. We had such a good time learning this new skill. Each of us still has quite a bit of learning to do but we all practiced after the workshop and are on our way to being pros (or so we hope!). 

It was a great workshop and something I would highly recommend to anyone in the greater Memphis area. After the workshop we all went to lunch at Panera and met up with Nicole and Lacey Beth. It was such a sweet time of laughter and fellowship. We are already planning our next meet up. I am convinced that blog friends are the sweetest of friends, simply because the relationships are so unique. It blows me away every time I meet a blog or Instagram friend in real life at how easy it is to jump right into conversation as if we have known each other forever. I cherish that every single time it happens. 

Saturday night we spent time with Ben's family telling stories and laughing hard around the fire pit. It was a perfect way to end a day that made my heart so full! 

What did you do this weekend?