Fabulous Foodie Swap

A few weeks back I shared about my idea to do a little swap for all the foodies out there! I put together a sign up, sent out a few emails, and posted on Instagram. I hoped to have at least 20 people jump on board. I was so shocked as the sign ups just poured in and we had a little over 70 people join us for the Fabulous Foodie Swap. It was a BLAST. Everyone did a great job with their goodies, and I think several people made new friends as a result! Fun right? 

I actually had two partners due to an odd number, but I wasn't upset one little bit! More goodies to send and receive. My partners were Erin of Sugar Crumbs and Lindsey of Bliss and Blunders, both precious ladies that did a knock out job on the goodies they picked out for me. I even ate some of them before I could take pictures...whoops! 

Erin said that she liked basically everything so I went to our Asian Market to grab a few fun spices for her in addition to some unique artisanal pasta, bagel chips, almond butter, and hot chocolate! 

Lindsey said she loved nuts and peppermint so I made sure to include peppermint hot chocolate as well as some yummy almonds with her box of goodies! 

I had such a fun time putting together these packages for these sweet ladies! I hope you will head over and show them some love today! Now for what they sent me!!! It was awesome! 

From Erin I got -

  • Green Tea Mints (Chai flavored!!!!)
  • Elderberry Jelly
  • Loose Leaf Green Tea & Rooibos Tea
  • Two amazing Hammond chocolate bars (I ate one before pictures...it was heavenly)
  • Summer Garden Medley Dip Mix

From Lindsey I got - 

  • Spoon Fudge (Toffee flavored) - loved this because the bakery I work at sell something called spoon fudge! 
  • Blueberry coffee
  • Raspberry tea
  • Caramels
  • Strawberry Jalapeno Preserves 

I was just so happy with what my partners sent me, and I cannot wait to use all these ingredients in our kitchen! So now that you have seen how amazingly fun this can be, don't you wish you had participated? WELL IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! I am going to be doing 4 of these swap a year. So one every 3 months, and each time the participation fees ($5) will go to different handmade creatives who are setting out to do big things! For the month of February/March all proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of the Hope Spoken Conference I will be attending in Dallas, TX. If you or someone you know have any suggestions of handmade shops or business for future swaps let me know. 

To sign up for the next Fabulous Foodie Swap simple click here and follow the instructions on the page that you land on! I will send an email out in the days ahead with important dates and partners! 

Check out more swap boxes from those that link up below, and follow the hashtag #fabulousfoodieswap on Instagram for more pictures of everyone's goodies! We hope you can jump in with us next time, and bring a friend or two along with you! It is fun you won't want to miss!