Unique Valentine's Day Treats for the Gentleman

Can you believe January is almost over? Where does the time go y'all. It flies. My mom has always said that time goes by faster the older you get and I am really beginning to believe that to be true. What about you? Well, we are onto February, the month of love! 

I love Valentine's Day! It has always been a sweet time to enjoy lots of chocolate...and of course time with my husband! Ben and I have decided that for Valentine's Day we will focus on treats only for one another. No gifts, just treats. Treats for us are sweets...cupcakes, chocolate...really gourmet anything. We want our treats to be special and not something you can just find around town so we have been doing lots of research for one another. I have found some of the most amazing companies that have products perfect for men! Nothing covered in glitter or pink hearts. These goodies are classy, manly and perfect for all the guys in your life. 

Perfect one of kind treats for your man! Love these ideas! Cannot wait to check them out!


duck fat caramels, salt and pepper bar, cocoa nib bar, or bourbon nib brittle

I fell in love with this company when I saw them on an episode of Unique Sweets. Olive & Sinclair is everything I love, small, handmade, artisan, and one of kind. Plus a bonus, they are located in Nashville, TN so they are southern like me! YAY! I saw them again when they were featured in the Holiday edition of Southern Living and looked up their website. Swoon! Everything is beautiful, from the packaging to the chocolate itself. The packages have a retro feel, but so classic, and are perfect for the manly guys in your life. 

Also, side note, Ben and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary in Nashville in May...and we are planning to take a tour of Olive & Sinclair! EEK! 


old school candy reimagined! smoked cola gumdrops, twizzlies, marshmallows

Quin is such a unique candy shop. It is like they took every old school candy we knew as kids and have taken it up a level. Candies that are familiar but given new life with unique flavor profiles and packaging will make your man feel like a kid again while loving being an adult with these sophisticated confections! 


bacon bourbon caramel corn...that is really all you need to know right?! You have to have this. 

This is just a must. I do not know one single guy that would not find his mouth watering at the sound of this yummy treat. I mean come on, it has bacon, bourbon AND caramel all on popcorn. It is a match made in heaven, and should be given to all men you love everywhere, your hubby, dad, brother, nephew...buy them all a bag! Maybe even snag a bag for yourself! 


bourbon cask aged bar, vanilla rooiboos bar...anything really! 

Raaka is one of the few chocolate companies that makes their chocolate bars from the bean to the bar themselves and they keep it all raw and dark. There are so many unique flavors and who doesn't love chocolate on Valentine's Day? The bourbon cask aged bar sounds amazing!


diablo cookies...Mexican chocolate heaven...in a cookie

There are few things that I could eat forever, but anything Mexican Chocolate would fall into that category. It is a mysterious and decedent flavor profile with cinnamon and cayenne that is perfect for the day of love. Gift some of these chocolatey little cookies to your special man to show him how much you care about him! 

I hope you check out these amazing treat companies! I am planning to pick out some yummy goodies for my hubby from these spots and cannot wait to see him enjoy all these sweets (he does have quite the sweet tooth)! 

What are you getting your special someone for Valentine's Day?