25 More Free Date Nights (that you haven't seen anywhere else)

Romance is something everyone is drawn to. We just love love, and we love the idea of being pursued by someone we love. As a believer I believe that is because the Lord wired us this way, he created us with the desire to be loved and to love as a picture of his great love story found in the Gospel! I think this is why my most popular post of all time was this one right here. It has been pinned well over 100,000 times and has new hits every day even several years after being published. People love the idea of dating, and of course we love anything that claims to be free, can I get an amen?! 

My original post listed 52 almost free dates nights, and I turned them into a cute little date night jar for my husband as a birthday present! One date a week for a whole year. It was a really fun way to make a special gift without spending a single penny (first year of marriage probs) . Today I want to share with you 25 new fresh ideas for a free (or almost free) date nights, all of which are not listed on the original list! 

1. DIY Date Night  

My husband and I are big DIYers and we love to always have a project happening. So pick something, big or small, and tackle it together one evening. Some of our favorite projects have been picture frames, chalk boards, end tables, and pillow cases! Get creative! 

2. Passport Date

Pick a spot on the map you want to go, and create an evening in honor of that place. Paris? Cook a French meal and enjoy yummy wine and pastries. China? Make homemade take out and fortune cookies! Think anywhere! This could be done regularly too to try out different cuisine! 

3. "Blind" Date

This is not your traditional blind date. Write 3 dinner places down on slips of paper, three free activities outside of the house, and 3 dessert ideas. Place in different hats and close your eyes and draw one slip of paper out of each hat. You have a "blind" date that is sure to be fun! 

4. Gourmet Campfire Date

Fire + S'mores + Gourmet flair...think peanut butter, nutella, homemade marshmallows, nuts, biscoff cookies, or even a savory option with brie or other cheeses. Step up the typical campfire food with a gourmet twist. 

5. Random Acts of Kindness Date

Think of something to do for a neighbor or stranger and do it. Bake cookies and leave them on a doorstep, pay for someone's meal, surprise young parents by babysitting...something nice and do it for free! 

6. Paint Party

Paint together, whether it is furniture, a chalkboard, a canvas, or a fence...painting with your loved one is always sure to be a good time. I mean hello paint fights and lots of giggles! 

7. Dream Vacay Planning

Plan out your perfect vacation, with all the bells and whistles, and enjoy the freedom of dreaming for free! 

8. Plan out your "Must Have's" and "No Ways" for a future home

My husband and I are in the middle of buying a house so there have been many nights with a legal pad and pen that we have spent writing down out must have's and no way's...lots of fun, and a great way to talk out some of our differences! :) 

9. Try All the New Things

It doesn't matter what you do but only new things go...new foods, new movies, new shows, new activities! New everything!!

10. Sports Night

Tennis, Running, Golf...whatever floats your boat but get physical together! (in a out of the house kind of way;))

11. Childhood Game Night

Whip out the old school games of Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Bop It, and Guess Who and have fun reliving your glory days of being a kid. 

12. Blind Candy Tasting 

My hubs and I love to do this with each other with jellybeans. We give each other candy and make the other close their eyes and try to figure out the flavor. You will be surprised at how hard it is to guess when you cannot see what color the candy is! 

13. Tailgate Dinner at your Favorite Spot

Pop down the tailgate (if you have a truck) or pop open the hood, throw in some blankets and have a picnic of sorts outside! 

14. Window Shopping Date

This is a favorite for us, we love walking around malls, Walmart, Lowe's and other stores open after 8 or 9 and just window shopping! It is free but gets us out of the house! 

15. Bingo Night

16. Classic Video Game Night 

Think Pacman, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart and the classics of the good old days of Nintendo! 

17. Climb on your roof (or any roof) and just talk!

Again another favorite for us. We will climb up our roof and sit up there and just look at the stars and cars going by and just talk to each other for hours. So relaxing and fun. 

18. Make your Christmas Wishlist

19. Have a Cooking Competition (Chopped Style)

Have your spouse or significant other pick out 5 "basket ingredients" and time yourselves to make the other a delicious dish only using the ingredients you were given! Sure to provide some laughs and interesting eats! 

20. Netflix Documentary Night

My husband and I are nerds and we love to learn. We really enjoy educational films and documentaries so this is a really fun date night in for us. 

21. Make Homemade ___________

Think of something that is always labeled as "too difficult" in your mind when it comes to the kitchen...marshmallows, homemade bread, pasta, caramel...whatever it is. Try to learn and tackle it together. 

22. Home Videos Night

Pull out those old videos, and watch with your significant other. There is nothing quite as special as seeing my husband as a little one...it is really intimate in a strange way! 

23. Book Store Scavenger Hunt

Think of fun things for the other to find and go on a hunt to find them all first. Things like...a fun recipe to cook, a favorite children's book, a quote that moves us...a fun way to pass the time after dinner and get out of the house! 

24. Go for a Ride

We love to do this. We just hit the road with no where in particular in mind. We will look at houses and dream big dreams about future kids and so on. It is really relaxing and we often try to leave our phones and just enjoy the time to be together. 

25. Make your Ultimate Bucket List

As a couple make a list of things you want to accomplish 5 years from now, 10, 15 20...and try to mark on off the list the night you make it! 

What are your favorite date nights?