Why I Switched from Blogger to Squarespace

In the internet world there are so many hot topics, every seasoned blogger or business owner has an opinion on where to host, who to use for design services, what to write about, how often to write...and the list goes on. For me when it comes to where to host my blog I pledge my allegiances to Squarespace until the end! Many creatives are making the switch over to this clean, user friendly platform. I haven't always been a Squarespace user, I previously used the free Blogger platform. However my blog began to grow, as did my love for design, and I began to feel very discontent with my set up. I knew it was time for me to step towards something more suitable for me.

Then I read this post by my sweet friend Lauren, and knew I had to jump ship. It was time for me to make a change, and I was eager to host on a platform that could grow with me and my business in the years to come. So queue Squarespace...and all the praise hands! Why did I switch, and why do I recommend this platform to every client I work with? Let me tell you! 


With many platforms out there customizing your blog or website requires a knowledge of HTML/CSS code. This is a language of its own, and it not only difficult to learn but is incredibly tedious and time consuming. When I was on Blogger I had to use HTML or CSS for every little customization...it was so much work. With Squarespace anyone can set up a website and maintain the website, without having to know how to write code. (Can you hear the angels singing yet?)

I do know quite a bit about writing HTML/CSS code but due to the tedious nature of writing code (I mean come on...one little comma or dot makes the whole code break! YIKES) I prefer to avoid it if at all possible. Squarespace makes this possible almost all the time. There are a few rare occasions in which I choose to still write my own code, but 9 times out of 10 I do not have to. With Squarespace anyone can get a professional and unique website without writing code, which was seriously enough to convince me. 


I knew at the end of 2014 I wanted to make a change when it came to my blog. I was heavily considering switching to Wordpress, but was hung up on the cost. It was adding up quickly to self host, and pay someone to help me export everything, plus set up my framework...and so on. I was overwhelmed and had not nearly enough money for all that the platform required. 

Squarespace on the other hand offers the customization I was looking for but for a fraction of the cost. There are different monthly payment plans, none of which are more than $30, that meet different needs for users. I was able to transfer my current domain and select the package that suits my needs. I pay no more than $20 a month and that is perfect for where my little blog and business is right now. (I use the Business plan but the Personal would be suitable for most bloggers that do not use ecommerce, view payment plans here)


This is my favorite aspect of the Squarespace platform. It is not just for bloggers. It is for small business owners, creatives, churches, shop owners, farmer's markets, fitness studios...and literally anything else you can think of. Squarespace has the capability built into the interface for ecommerce, so users that sell products or services can sell their items in one place rather than using third-party sites such as Etsy or BigCartel. 

Users are able to integrate so much in one place. I think of it as a one stop shop. I can have a cover page, portfolio, blog, contact page, gallery pages, and a shop all one one website without ever setting up account on other site! Hello simple expansion! 


Easy is the name of the game with Squarespace. Everything is updated for you so you do not have to waste precious time updating widgets and your framework. This is done for you. (does this make you want to do a little happy dance?!)

In addition, Squarespace has numerous templates to choose from. Each template offers a very unique look that can be further customized to create a one of a kind look for each user. Switching from template to template is literally as easy as pie and helps create fresh new looks. (like the one Oh Simple Joys is sporting this morning, what do you think?) 


As a designer I am drawn to things that are pretty to look at, and Squarespace is just that. Without customizing a thing the templates are a beautiful. They are the perfect place to start for those that may be new business owners or bloggers, and for those that may be looking for a custom brand and website, Squarespace lends itself to so much potential for personalization and beautiful design. It really is the best choice in my humble opinion, and this is why I personally use it and recommend it to everyone I work with (and everyone I don't work with too! haha)

I am a huge fan of this platform, and after making the switch I truly never looked back. I love everything about Squarespace and sing its praises to everyone that asks me about it. Are you in a similar spot as I was before making my switch? Looking to step up your blogging game but not wanting to mess with the hassle of HTML/CSS or the price of self hosting? Let's work together to create a perfect website for you and your business/blog!