Seasons with the Strattons Design

Earlier this week I shared about my new design services , and about my desire to grow more as a designer in the days ahead. So I wanted to take a minute to share my most recent blog design. Martha Kate and I went to the same college and even sat side by side in an English class once, we both kinda dreaded the class but the company was nice. So when Martha Kate came to me to help her with her design (for the second time) I was thrilled. Martha Kate had a pretty good vision for the fresh look she wanted, which makes my job easy. 

We spent a little bit of time emailing about colors, vision, and overall feel for the design and there was one word that emerged the main theme...peaceful. Martha Kate wanted something a little more professional than her previous design, yet still wanted it to be feminine and whimsical while exuding peaceful/calming vibes. We settled on pale blues, greens, and corals for the colors and a whimsical calligraphy font for the header. 

I love this design. I fall in love with design all over again every time I am able to work with a new client and help their dream become a reality. It is so much fun and such an incredible way to stretch my creative skills. 

MK's husband is a baseball player! While Seasons with the Strattons is not only about baseball there are mentions of it since the sport touches a large part of the strattons lives. I wanted to include some ode to this in the design, but wanted it to be subtle and whimsical. I made the O's into tiny baseballs and left it at that, subtle and adorable in my opinion. 

Watercolor elements were included to further create a sense of peace when readers visit the page, and grays were brought in to bring a depth to the color scheme and a readable shade for important text on the page. 

It was such a joy to put together this design for Martha Kate and Seasons with the Strattons. I hope you will pop in and give MK some love! 

If you are interested in working together on a design check out my packages, design process, and portfolio! I would love to make something beautiful for you!!