Sincerely Rose Brand Design

My most recent design client was such a joy to work with. Tahnee (of Sincerely Rose) was hoping for a fresh start after moving, and wanted a new look to help kick start her brand new blog and business website. I was excited to help her vision become a reality, and overjoyed that she would be my first Squarespace design. (Have I mentioned how much I adore Squarespace?) We began the process with her inspiration board. It is full of bright, happy, whimsical images that truly reflected Tahnee's personality. Fresh, Inspiring, calming, and happy was what we were aiming for and I feel as though we achieved that aesthetic. 

I love how unintentionally the "rose" color pallet was developed. It is so soft and feminine and creates a fresh look. With pops of mint, and undertones of muted navy this color palette makes me swoon every time I look at it. 

Creating brand boards is something I have not always done for my clients but I now offer this service for my full package clients, and wow do I love this part of the design process. I will spend hours putting it all together and sometimes I get just as excited with the finished product as my client does (if not even a little more). It is a sweet moment to see all the elements, colors, and "feels" all in one place. It is my launching pad for installation. I just love brand boards, and I send the image to each client so they are able to refer back to it for color options, text choices, and further inspiration down the road. 

Tahnee is a very talented hairdresser and stylist. She has big dreams for taking her site to the next level in the future and using it as a place to showcase her work, and launch her small business. So I wanted to give her some options for a logo outside her blog header. 

I have learned that a blog header and a logo are different. This may seem obvious but for me it took awhile to learn this. Both the header and logo should have similar elements yet the logo must be distinct, memorable, and versatile. Often headers are long horizontal images that may not be the best for business cards, stationary, or products. So I designed two logos that can be tweaked in the future for Tahnee's business if she needs them. 

Here are a few pictures of her work? Isn't she talented? I want Tahnee to come play with my hair, even though I have no where to get all dressed up and go. Love her style! 

If you would like to see more of Tahnee's design in action head over to Sincerely Rose. Say hello to her and send her some new blog love! 

If you are interested in working together on a fresh new design for your blog, or ecommerce site check out my design packages and design process. I would love to work together and create something beautiful. Just a little hint, only one more spot left for March!