Sunday Rhythms

Tuesday through Saturday I rise before the sun. Not just an hour or so, but usually 2 or 3 hours before daylight breaks. I roll out of bed, throw on my work clothes, brush my teeth, grab a granola bar and head out into the darkness. Ben follows me as he is tugged along by our 16 pound cockapoo as she heads out the door to do her morning duties. I sleepily wave goodbye and off I go. I arrive at the bakery, walk across the street, and head inside to get the oven on and everything ready for another day of baking. 

This is the rhythm of my morning every day, starting on Tuesday and going through Saturday. But then comes my Sabbath. Sunday. 

Let me tell you about Sunday. Sunday has become our true day of rest. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. To begin our day we set our alarm clock to 8 o clock. To some this may not seem like much, but to us early 3 and 4 am risers, it is blissful to sleep in. We take our time waking up, pulling our puppy up on the bed with us, snuggling, giggling, and enjoying each other's company. Slowly, gradually, with pjs still on and hair still a mess I finally roll out of bed and head to my favorite spot in the house.

I pull out my heavy, seasoned cast iron skillet and begin to heat oil inside. I crack eggs one at a time and prepare a variety of fillings to accompany them. Cream, salt, and pepper are whisked in with care and then I pour the eggs into the skillet. I love the sound they first make as they hit the pan. I lazily swirl the yellow liquid around in the pan and then add in the "toppings". Sometimes it is bacon, ham, turkey, or spinach. Other times it is feta cheese, thyme, tomatoes, and kale. No matter what we always have a homemade breakfast on Sundays, it is part of our rhythm. 

I then move onto our coffee. I pull out my favorite coffee tool, my Chemex and begin the process of creating the perfect pour over. I measure out the coffee beans, grind them and dump the brown powder into the filter. Slowly I add the hot water from my kettle over top and watch with childlike amazement as the coffee drips slowly to the bottom while filling our kitchen with delicious smells. 

We sit at the kitchen table, phones away, no TV, and eat together, just the two of us. This is our rhythm. This is our day of rest. It is the constant of our week, and has become a day we long for during the week. It is the day we enjoy one another at home, all day without work. Sundays have become our favorites. 

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