For the Love of Design - New Design Services

I have been a little absent from this space for several days now. While I have missed writing, I needed a few days to process some things bouncing around in my head regarding Oh Simple Thoughts and where I see this space going. There will be more to come on all these bouncy thoughts later this week so for now let's shift the focus to something I know will be sticking around  (insert swooning sigh here)

I fell in love with all things design a long time ago, but only in the past 3 years have I really taught myself how to create things using my computer. After just one coding class in college, I truly felt I missed my calling and should have gotten a degree in graphic design rather than communication...too late for that epiphany though I am afraid. I am 100% self taught, and have learned the hard way when it comes to design. I have created things that once made me happy and now make me think a kindergartner made it. I have grown a lot, and learned so much more. It has been so much fun to discover a new passion in my mid twenties! Who says you have to know what you love to do when you are a kid, passions can always be discovered later in life!!

For a little over a year now I have been offering blog design services very quietly. I had a tab at the top of my website that gave little information and occasionally I would post pictures of designs but for the most part I kept this under wraps simply because I did not think I was "good enough" to be a blog designer. Recently I realized I really wanted to invest more time in this venture and passion and I don't have to be a trained professional to do so. I love working with bloggers to create designs that are 100% unique to them and help them to feel "at home" on their blogs. This love is what drives my designs and helps me to create pretty and cohesive websites for my clients. So "let's do this the right way", I thought. 

I spent several hours this week  putting together different things like my design process, client contracts, policies, my portfolio, and the design shop you can now visit. I am thrilled to hit the ground running with this. So far in 2015 alone I have had 6 clients and am still working on 3 more designs right now. What?! So amazing. I have learned a lot of what not to do when it comes to working with my clients and I have learned how to do the right things even better! I have revamped all my services based on my experience the past year and feel I have a process that is easy, affordable, and makes your vision the priority! 

Here is a little sneak peek at some of my most recent design projects...

I am now offering a few a la carte design options as well as invitation design, and anniversary map prints in my design shop! Be sure and stop by, take a look around my portfolio, and read through my design process page