Spring Cleaning + Shop The Closets Sale

It is Friday! YAY! We have not seen the sun all week long but I am still longing for Spring! It is probably my favorite season, the heat is killer in the Summer but just perfect for being outside during the Spring and man I cannot wait. Longer nights, dinners on the porch, walks with our puppy, and chacos! Ah I am giddy just thinking about it. 

Last week I shared about my journey to ethical fashion and about starting a true capsule wardrobe. I have made weak attempts at the capsule wardrobe in the past but am serious about it this time. I have done lots of research and really put thought into what clothes make me feel the most comfortable while fitting my season of life. Well needless to say I have wayy too many clothes. I was shocked at the pile that slowly accumulated as I began purging my closet. It was ridiculous. 

I am the queen of "one time" clothing items. By this I mean I own tons of tops, dresses, and skirts that are bold, colorful, and basically the opposite of versatile. They are adorable, but they cannot be worn in several ways, and are really just "trendy" items. While there is nothing wrong with trendy, my aim in creating a capsule wardrobe is to fill my closet with classic and timeless pieces that will serve me well for years not just seasons. 

As a result of this whole journey I have lots (I mean lots and lots and lots) of great clothing items that just are not what I am looking for anymore. I began trying to brainstorm what I could do with these clothes other than simply donate them to Goodwill (because they are great pieces that I know some of YOU would love to wear). So light bulb moment....Instagram sale! I wanted to try something a little different than the average instagram sale so I reached out to some internet friends. I called on the ladies pictured below because I know they share my heart for a simple wardrobe and have items they also would love to give some of you the opportunity to own! One thing led to another and the @shop_theclosets was born! I couldn't do this without these other ladies so here they are! Say hello to them, they are all amazing! 

Top - Sera Beth Briggs  //  Leia Bryn

Middle - Valerie Keinsley  //  Rachel Nordgren 

Bottom - Bailey Jean Roberts  //  Rachel Cox

The sale will begin next Wednesday at 8am CST. It will be divided by type of clothing and each type will be posted on a different day. Example, Wednesday will be all tops, Thursday - Dresses, Friday - Bottoms, Saturday - Shoes/Accessories! So it will be a 4 day sale since we have so many items and each sale will last from 8am CST to 9pm CST every day! It will be auction style to make it fair and we will post the rules on the sale account a few hours before each sale! 

We are all really excited about this and hope you will join us and help us spread the word! Make sure you are follow the @shop_theclosets IG account and share the image below to get the word out! YAY online shopping and spring cleaning! 

How do you simplify for Spring?