Monday Funday

This weekend sort of went the opposite of the way I had planned it. We had a run in with a previous owner of our apartment late Saturday night which resulted in a visit from a cop, and staying up until after 1 am. Then Sunday included an unexpected trip to my in laws house 2 and half hours away to get some things taken care of for Ben before he leaves for Texas on business this week...basically the weekend got turned on it's head and all my plans went out the window. 

So no blog post scheduled for today, no design projects wrapped up, no shop orders packaged and ready to go out, and my house looks like it was hit by a hurricane. 

BUT my mantra this year has been Thriving over Surviving, so that is what I am doing. Laundry is going, coffee is in my hands, and the SUN IS SHINING after a week of dreary clouds and rain. I refuse to let my life get lost in chasing perfection, plans, and structure. This weekend was such a reminder for me that I must hold loosely to my plans and embrace what comes with joy and gusto! Grab those curve balls and make some memories with those bad boys!!

I encourage you to rest today and not find yourself caught up in a case of the Mondays, and to encourage that I leave you with this quote...

"What if you wake up some day and you are 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written; or you didn't go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and because you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It's going to break your heart. Don't let this happen." -Anne Lamott