March Goals

I have often wondered if writing my goals here on this space is something that many people enjoy reading, and I have come to the conclusion that some may, some may not. BUT...I really enjoy writing them out. Not only does it allow me to have a checkpoint every month with myself to get my thoughts together for the month, it is also great accountability for me. I know if I say here on my blog I am trying to run twice a week but don't make time for that I have to fess up to it... (spoiler alert, this goal didn't happen in February). So while some may find the goal list boring or petty, for me it a valuable and a way of asking my readers to come along side me in the goals I am setting and help spur me on. 

February flew by. I am sure this is not news to any of you but man did this past month leave in a hurry...I know, I know, it is shorter than all the others, but still it was a blur. Well, not exactly a blur, just fast. February was a month filled with sweet memories. Ben and I went to see my cousin marry his forever love, and we danced the night away to uptown funk and wagon wheel. We also celebrated our 3rd Valentine's Day together, second as husband and wife. There was a wonderful snow day tucked in there, and a few fun spontaneous date nights that made it one sweet month. 

I found myself over the weekend looking back over my goals and can say I am proud of the progress made. I do not get to check off all the items I listed (though that part pains me more than actually not accomplishing all I set out to) I am still proud. So last months goals were...

1. Do Holy Yoga 4-5 days a week. (It was closer to 2-3, maybe 4 times a week)

2. Complete Advocare 24 Day Challenge. (Done! I did not lose a whole lot of weight, but some inches and I gained a new resolve to eat healthier!)

3. Launch new Oh Simple Joys products. (I am learning a lot of patience during this busy time for Ben and I, we managed to launch one new product, our book letters, have you seen them? There may be more coming this month!!)

4. Read one book. (Does starting one count?! I started Make it Happen by Lara Casey)

5. Run two days a week. (wah wah wah........)

6. Start planning Blogger Meetup for those in the area. (What number 5 said ^^)

7. Participate in Elle & Company's Squarespace Webinar. (Done! I have become such great friends with Lauren and I thoroughly enjoy supporting all her business and creative endeavors...after all she is a rock star when it comes to all things blogging, business, and design!)

8. Print blog business cards for Hope Spoken. (YES! and they are just adorable. I also offer custom business card designs in my design shop!)

9. Finish Power Sheets. (Always this month for this...clean slate, fresh start!)

10. Host a Twitter Chat. (Yes, #ohsimplechat has been such an encouragement and I am praying and planning on what it will look like in the weeks and months ahead)

So not too terrible. 



  1. Finish Make it Happen.
  2. Test new Oh Simple Joys products.
  3. Have new friends over for dinner.
  4. Attend Hope Spoken.
  5. Finish planning my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.
  6. Finalize Blog Design Contract.
  7. Practice Holy Yoga 3 times a week. 
  8. Have intentional time away from my phone.
  9. Clean the house...well, not just straightening up.
  10. Have one phone free date night with Ben. 

What goals are you setting for this new month?