Wonderfully Made By Leslie Brand Design

Graphic design is one of those things that I never knew I had a passion for until I got married. I found myself with a lot of free time and a desire to begin investing more time and money into my blog. I had taken a few coding classes in college so I knew the basics about HTML and CSS, so one day I just headed to Youtube and began playing around in Photoshop. I was hooked. Now several years later I am still playing around in Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, and have so much more to learn. I have grown a lot and learned from trial and error. 

More than anything I love doing blog branding. I feel so inspired when I am meeting with a new client and I love the entire process beginning to end. One thing I always ask my clients is Why do you want to change your design, and what are you hoping for your new design to capture? When I first met with Leslie over the phone for this design her words to describe the look she wanted were colorful, creative, and feminine. Three words that make my heart sing. We began with her inspiration board and color scheme as a launching point, and I had quite the time putting this one together! I knew from images that Leslie pulled together that white space was a must, but punches of bright and modern colors should be sown into the design, and flowers really should be present in some form or fashion. 

Leslie loved the colors as much as I did so it was very simple and easy to move onto the next step in my design process, designing the header concepts. I typically design anywhere from 3-5 concepts for my clients to view, and I try to make them as unique as possible so that they are able to see their brand in several different styles. Leslie really wanted floral accents as well as brush lettering so I created 4 distinct headers for her to choose from. 

Leslie decided to go with option number 3 and I was thrilled. I love the bold floral colors, and the way the vine comes down and allows the lettering to almost rest on the branches. Once the header was selected I designed the brand board. This board will serve as a reference point for Leslie on down the road. It has her fonts, colors, style concepts, and more all in one place. 

Leslie was a dream to work with, she knew what she wanted yet still trusted me to take her ideas and bring them to life. She was every designers dream client, and I love what we were able to create for her fresh new blog. If you would like to see more of the design in action head on over and check it out. Also, if you would like to work together and create something special for your blog or business just click on the design tab above to find all the information you need!