New & Improved + Meal Plan Monday

For the longest time I have loved and invested time into the blog without much thought to strategy, business, or goals. I just wrote what was on my heart and mind whenever it came to me and that was what Oh Simple Thoughts was about. However, over the past several months of stepping away from blogging I have found myself desiring to take my design business to the next level, but not sure what to do to make that happen. I guess you could say I was having a blogging identity crisis. Excuse the cheesiness of that statement but really, I could not see a clear way forward. 

Suddenly it just came to me, Oh Simple Thoughts. What better way to reach people, lend helpful information, and share my design work all while increasing my audience and growing my business. The answer had been right in front of me all along. In the words of my grandmother, "If it was a snake it would have bit you." 

I began brainstorming, and really planning out the new direction for this space. I want Oh Simple Thoughts to be full of intention, and a blog that is clear on its purpose. While it may still fall into the lifestyle category of blogs, I want Oh Simple Thoughts to have a very clear vision and focus that is easy for readers to pick up on. To read more about Oh Simple Thoughts vision, check out the Oh Simple Thoughts Motto

Oh Simple Thoughts from this day forward will focus on three things, handmade goods and processes, homemade food, and inspiring beauty through design. My goal is to use this blog as a creative outlet while also providing a tool for handmade business owners, foodies, and budding designers. 

So to kick off a Monday, I wanted to share with you a healthy meal plan that will be making it's way to the Cox table this week. Healthy eating can be so overwhelming to me, so it is important for me to really plan out our meals or we end up eating out or settling for breakfast for dinner!! Anyone else revert to pancakes and bacon when you don't have a meal plan?...Maybe it is just me. I blame bacon. 

Bacon and Leek Pizza - I make my pizza dough in bulk on the first day of the month. Then I freeze the dough in portions and thaw it out a few hours before dinner! Brilliant right? 

Bang Bang Chicken Pasta - Replace with gluten free pasta or whole wheat. I have even used buckwheat noodles as a replacement for regular pasta in this dish. 

Chicken Fried Quinoa - Simple and satisfying without having to go get takeout. I love this dish and we rotate it on our meal plan every few weeks. 

Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Peppers - I think I could eat peppers stuffed with anything...but this is a veggie only meal, so it is healthy AND a money saver! High five! 

Chicken Kale Pasta - One of the few Pioneer woman recipes that I could honestly say is 100% healthy! And Kale is super cheap right now, so again pat your self on the back for eating good and pinching pennies! 

I plan to make 5-6 meals a week and we usually have a date night thrown into the mix as well as a meal with our church family. Meal planning saves my life, and our budget! It helps keeps me under control in the grocery store!! Can I get an amen? 

I hope these recipes inspire you to get in your kitchen and make some yummy meals that are not too terrible for you and your family!