Welcome to Oh Simple Joys

If you are reading this then you successfully made the switch! YAY! Oh Simple Thoughts is no more (sad face emoji entered here), and Oh Simple Joys is here to stay. Oh Simple Thoughts was my first real lifestyle blog I started when I got engaged to my now husband. Managing Oh Simple Thoughts served me so well, and taught me so much about the world of blogging. Since that very first day I have grown and learned so much about the online world and how I want to use my influence. It has been quite a journey to get here but here I am.

I am excited to launch this new website as a fresh start for a more focused way forward. Oh Simple Joys is a handmade shop that focuses on a variety of products and services to bring little joys to you through very ordinary objects. Here you will find coffee mugs, crochet goods, home decor, and graphic design services...each of these things may seem disconnected but to me they truly bring simple joy in their own unique way. 

I have recently stepped away from my day job to pursue this world of online creativity and business full time. (so scary and so exciting all at once!) What can you expect moving forward? 

Well a lot will seem very much the same around here. I am working on new products all the time for the shop, and always using this space to share my recent design projects and inspiration with you. This is a place to celebrate joy! To bring attention to the things that often pass us by. So here in this space joy in the simplest and smallest places will be celebrated in the big ways! Excited?! I hope so! Each of you make this journey so worth it, and you truly inspire me to pursue bigger dreams every day. 

Don't forget use code HAPPY20 for 20% off any purchase in the store! This can also be applied toward design services as well!!!