Pursuing Balance Blog Design

2015 was such an exciting year for me with my design freelancing. I am completely self taught as many of you that have been around here awhile know. So to continue to see this business grow and mature has been such an exciting journey for me. I began by doing blog designs here and there and now while I still offer blog design services my clients have become much more diverse. 

Samantha and Nicole contacted me about designing there blog and I was so excited to have a blog design to work on in the midst of my other project. These two ladies are both so filled with passion I knew it was going to be fun to collaborate together. They were a joy to work with. Pursuing Balance is their joint lifestyle blog that chronicles their journey to a life of balance. Their wit and charm is seen in every post and makes it so fun to follow along with their adventures. 

We went with a very calm color palette because the idea of pursuing balance just exudes the need for calm and peaceful colors. The deep navy and purple create some depth while the teal and khaki keep things light and airy. 

I got really into the logo design and ended up with five logo concepts this time around instead of my normal 3. Oops! Inspiration struck though. So I just went with it. I played around with some scale drawing and various fonts that were whimsical yet still professional and clean. 

Nicole and Samantha chose the second logo concept and I think t is perfect. Very simple and clean while still being feminine and unique. 

Overall this was a great project thanks to Nicole and Samantha for being such easy clients to please. They made this job a breeze, and I cannot recommend enough that you go check out their witty and practical blog! Visit them by clicking the button below!