Going to the Chapel


So many of you have wanted to hear the story of how Ben proposed, and rather than typing 20 million text messages, we wanted to blog the story so each of you can read it all with full details. So here it goes...

Ben and I had not really been able to see each other for the past two weeks because I was serving as a Gamma Chi (sorority recruitment counselor) for all the freshman girls going through recruitment at MSU. I wasn't able to live at my house since I live with sorority girl and was supposed to be disaffiliated at the time, so I was living in the Hampton Inn. I was rarely ever free and when I was I had very little time or opportunity to see or talk to Ben.

Things had seemed really weird and he seemed super distant (now I know its because he was having to tell lie after lie to pull this off). So I suggested that we go on a date Sunday night when I was finally finished with Gamma Chi so that we could spend some good time together. I suggested that we go to the chapel (one of our favorite spots on State's campus, because that is where we had our first conversation, where been asked to pursue me, and where we go to talk and sing at the piano together).

So Sunday night we went to dinner together...it was going really well until I started feeling a little queasy and dizzy...I asked Ben if we could run by my house so I could change into more comfortable clothes before we went to campus and he just said... "ummm, no"...so that was weird. I was kinda confused by that, but didn't think much else about it.

After dinner, we went on campus and walked around for little while just talking and enjoying each other's company (the whole time Ben was sweating, and on his phone a lot...He claims the sweat was because it was hot...I think it was nerves! haha) We finally made it back over to the Chapel of Memories and walked inside. Ben had grabbed a gift bag from his truck on the way in, and told me he had gotten me a little something. I was so confused why he had a gift for me for no reason and even told him that was silly of him to buy me something....so we are sitting inside and Ben hands me the present to open and says that its not so much about what the gift is, as it is what the gift means. As I open it I was sooo confused. It was a scrapbook that mom had made me for my 16th birthday... I look at him totally confused and he just asks if I understand, and I am asking him how he got it, when it dawns on my.... HE WENT TO ALBANY. Ben had told me he was going camping last weekend, when in reality he was driving 6 hours to my house to talk to my parents and ask for their permission and blessing to marry me....

At this point I am thinking he just wanted to tell me that he talked to my parents and it went well...engagement is not on my mind.

So Ben asks if I wanna walk outside with him to sit by the fountain...he brings his Bible and explains that he wants to share some things he has been reading lately.

We sit down by the fountain and he open to Ephesians 5...honestly at this point, I do not remember every word that came from Ben's mouth...I just remember that he was explaining that because we are going to get married, we must become a part of each other...and in order to do this we must commit to serving each other selflessly...he then asked if he could take my shoes off, and he hopped into the fountain and proceeded to wash my feet... I was so humbled by this act of selfless genuine love, and literally my heart was just bursting with thanksgiving to the Lord that I have been so richly blessed with a man who loves me the way Ben loves me....he then got out and dried off my feet. As he did this he told me that he wanted me to always remember the commitment he made symbolically through this act to serve me, sacrifice for me, and to put me before him. again, I was so humbled...and that moment will be something I cherish for the rest of my life.

Now, I am thinking he might propose but still not sure...he asks if I want to go back inside. So as we are walking back in he turns to me and asks me if I know what is about to happen... I just said to him. "I'm not really sure" haha...

As we walk into the chapel it was like everything just stopped and started moving slower...in the front of the chapel were hay bales, flowers, a vintage table cloth and mason jars filled with candles...I literally felt like I was in a movie...as we reached the front I turned to Ben and he just said that he had been wanting to ask this question for a long time, and then got down on one knee, pulled out one stunning ring, and asked me to marry him!!!!!

OF COURSE I SAID YES!! we spent what seemed like a long time laughing and embracing...his sister and several of our friends then came out and had taken pictures of the whole thing. I was just beyond myself with excitement.

We could not be more excited to begin this journey together...the Lord has so gracious blessed us with this beautiful relaitonship and we could not be more humbled by the opportunity to become a physical picture of Christ and his bride, the church, by joining together through marriage. We are praying 2 Corinthians 2:14  "...and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him EVERYWHERE."

Thank you so much to everyone who has said any type of congrats over the past two days, we are so thankful for the amazing community and support the Lord has so generously blessed us with. I am attaching a few pictures from the proposal for you to enjoy.

Thanks you all again for loving Ben and I and supporting us as individuals and as a couple.