So, wedding planning is absolutely a blast. I am thoroughly loving every single minute of it. (and Ben is really enjoying it too). From big decisions to little ones we are having so much fun, and everything is coming together so wonderfully.

It has been such a busy time for both of us that I hardly have time to blog. So sorry. But a friend of mine was telling me I really should try to do this consistently through the engagement stage so I can look back on this later...she is wise. So I am buckling down. :)

Ben and I finally had a weekend here in Starkville with no football games, and no where we had to travel too----- BLISS!

It was heaven to be able to enjoy relaxing together this weekend, we had so much fun and I wanted to share some of our adventures with each of you.

We spent Saturday collecting and cracking pecans...which is surprisingly therapeutic. We used the pecans to make Pecan Praline cookies that were super yummy! (Be on the look out for recipe)

Also, we walked downtown to an antique shop hunting for some decoration pieces for the reception. We found some of the most beautiful antique jars and vases....I am in love with the blue shaded ones... I am planning on staining the rest to match the gorgeous blue ones using a tutorial I found here.

Saturday night we enjoyed watching the MSU vs. LSU football game with some good friends. Overall it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend that was much needed... Praise the Lord that he says "Sweet is the sleep of a laborer.." Ecclesiastes is so sweet after a week of hard work. And I am so thankful for the restful weekend that we had. :)