Life Lately

So Ben and I are approaching the three month mark until the wedding, and are almost in the double digits in our countdown! :) Time is flying by...its really crazy how quickly everything has begun to come together. In the month of January we...had our first shower, started marriage counseling, and have accomplished so much on tiny details for our special day.

So I just wanted to share some pictures from the last month and all its happenings with you all who have been such a support and encouragement to both of us.

We spent a wonderful weekend in Ben's hometown, Meadville, MS. This town is just the epitome of small town southern life, and I love how beautiful the area is. Mississippi is such a naturally beautiful state.

Ben took me out to the railroad tracks where he spent many days when he was younger playing with friends, and coming to sit and just be still and think. He is a lot braver than I am and he was climbing all over the place, making me super nervous. haha. Heights are not my thing, especially above a moving body of water...but it was so beautiful at sunset and I am glad we went.

It was a really fun little adventure.

We also had our first shower at Meadville United Methodist Church, where Ben's dad is the Pastor. It was so amazing, we felt so loved and cherished by everyone there, and we were blown away by the generosity of the people that attended. It was truly the best shower to start off with.

My soon to be in-laws! :)

Some other fun things happened this month! We had a SNOW DAY, and this is my only picture, because my roommates and I bummed around all day eating pizza and watching movies. :) It was a wonderful day.

Also, I learned how to SEW!! well I guess I should say I am learning how to sew. Ben bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, best present ever right?, and this is my first project completed. A throw pillow for our couch downstairs. :) I am super proud of it even though it is only a pillow that required straight lines, I worked hard. haha

Also, because I really like to brag on him, and he is SUPER talented, here is the invitation Ben designed for one of our showers. My Aunt asked for his help and this is what he came up with! Super cool huh? Let me know if you or someone you know are interested in him designing invites, thank you notes, wedding invitations or save the dates for you! He is amazing at it and can basically do anything you want! :)

Well Happy Monday folks! Hope today is full of JOY for each and everyone of you! :)