2 Months until the Cox/Reynolds Wedding! Wow!! 

Ben and I went this morning to send out our invitations, and that was somewhat of a surreal moment. I know what you are thinking... Big deal, they are just invitations!! No no no... you are wrong. This may be really silly but we spent a lot of time on those invitations, and as I stuffed every single one, I would stop and take a few seconds to think about the person who was listed on the envelope in my hand... so no, they are NOT just invitations.. .they were somewhat a labor of love for me. 

So be looking in the mail this week or next for your little cream envelope and know we thought about each of you by name when you open it. 

Also, I am really really excited about Ben's newest invitation (I helped with the inspiration and theme of this one). It was for a sweet little girl's first birthday for a sorority sister of mine! They turned out adorable for her vintage princess birthday party! She has one creative momma that's for sure! 

I just love the way it all turned out, and we are hoping that this sweet baby has a wonderful first birthday!

Let us know if you need any invitations done! :) We both really enjoy designing and creating unique products that express individual personalities! 

Ben and I are both really looking forward to Easter weekend with his family in Meadville. We are picking up his ring and getting my wedding band sized....just one step closer to our upcoming nuptials! We are really excited to have some time with Ben's family and to get some more wedding things finished, like assembling programs, sewing runners for the reception and various other tasks. 

How are you spending your Easter? What are your favorite Easter traditions?