Life Lately

So life just seems to be flying by. Literally time goes by sooo so fast. Its exciting because I am ready to be married, but sad because college is coming to a close along with this chapter of my life...

I am incredibly thankful for the people the Lord has placed in my life here at MSU, and I wanted to share that with you today. Ben and I had a "His and Her Shower" two weekends ago, and it was just wonderful! Our parents came and got to spend time with all our college friends...they got to see our apartment we will be moving was such an amazing weekend. And then this past weekend I had my lingerie shower and it was seriously AMAZING! My bridesmaids and best friends worked so hard to make that a special time for me and boy did their hard work pay off...Those girls hosted an incredible shower!

So I just wanted to share some picture with you of a few of my favorite little details from each shower...

"His & Her Shower"

Ben's hard work on unique invitations makes me so proud! He is really talented and as I am sure you have seen I do not ever miss an opportunity to brag on him! :)

Like I said our parents were able to come, so this picture is so special to me of my grandmother, mother and myself!

My Grammy is so creative, she got my mom's wedding dress out from the attic and used her veil as the decorative piece at the shower. It was so thoughtful and such a precious detail!

Here are just a few pictures of friends and family at the shower! It was such a blessing to have the chance to share our friendships with our family members and show them what amazing community the Lord has given us here at Mississippi State!

Thank you so much to everyone who came, showers are sometimes awkward for me, and it was so amazing to feel so loved and cherished by everyone who came. Your love and support means the world to Ben and I and we would not be the people we are today if was not for your encouragement and investment in our lives.

Also, Here is a little sneak peak of our apartment we will be moving may not look like much on the outside but it is FULL of character. It is an old Victorian house and has all the charming old touches. Cannot wait to move in the apartment in May and start putting everything together!

So like I said, I had my Lingerie Shower this past weekend and it was so great, I couldn't have asked for a better shower. The coolest part was that my incredible hostess' (aka my bridesmaids) gave me every serving piece, decoration, everything....they bought stuff to decorate and use for serving that they knew I would love and then gave it to me after----SO THOUGHTFUL!! So, Here are some of my favorite little details...

I love the bunting sign, and fabric chandelier. Tutorial for tissue paper pom poms can be found here.

The invitations were hand drawn my a super talented women who is recently married and living life in Virginia with her hubby--check out Katherine's Blog here.

Nicole, one of my bridesmaids and very best friends, made this awesome picture for Ben and I. It has Ephesians 5 printed over our picture....this passage is not only a passage entirely about weddings but it is what Ben read to me the night of our proposal. Read more about the proposal here or here.

Also I love the scrapbook paper pinwheels. They are so adorable but very easy, find tutorial here.

Nicole also found this adorable thrifted picnic basket for Ben and I to use after the wedding to take yummy goodies from our reception with us!

Nicole, she just out did herself really, made this beautiful monogrammed wreath for me with this super vintage chic fabric covered 'C'...I am basically obsessed with it. :)

Here are a few pictures of the ladies who were at the shower.

Thank you to each one of you beautiful girls for coming and making last Saturday so special for me. You each mean the world to me and our friendships are something I will never take for granted.

Also, another update from wedding planning, a couple girls I went to high school with have opened the most adorable Etsy shop called Chevvy and Rons---check out their shop here. These girls have just started doing customized, hand painted wedding signs and have graciously made some for my wedding...just wanted to share what they did!!

Are these not just SO CUTE?? I am in love.

Well anyways, this has turned into an incredibly long post...Ben and I are so excited that next week is SPRING BREAK!! We will be headed to Albany this Friday and looking forward to lots of progress with wedding planning, time by the pool (hopefully if it warms up) and some good time together with my family.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? :)

Take care dear ones.