Recent Thankfulness.

Today I was reflecting on some things I am just super thankful

 awesome deals on super legit coffee bags that will soon become pillows or curtains for our new home.

Dinner on the Grounds (Church Wide Fellowship) with my family and Ben over Spring Break out at the sport park under the Cross.

This sweet lady who I got to see at my shower and her heart for Christ, the gospel and the city of Albany. 

Find her here.

For trying new recipes...slowly becoming more confident in the kitchen and Saturday breakfasts with my love.

Fresh farm eggs from my sister's boyfriend that just look amazing and taste even better.

For AMAZING coffee, new coffee shops, supporting local businesses and fellowship with dear friends!

Celebrating 7 amazing months of engagement to this man, and approaching quickly two months until our wedding day.

the amazing women in my family who are just so beautiful.

For siblings that love me no matter what, get my goofy side, and enjoy being sarcastic and witty alongside me.

For a mom who helps me with wedding planning, and a step dad who spends over 5 hours working on my tax returns because I worked in so many states this past year and am completely clueless about all things to do with taxes. They are wonderful!

For road trips and silly faces with the guy who loves me even after seeing me throw up for the first time ever this week thanks to a bad chicken sandwich.

that it is officially Spring and therefore hammocks can come out in full force very soon (when the weather decides to cooperate)...looking forward to study dates and picnics at the winery, trips to the refuge, and walks on campus....oh Mississippi in Spring I love you.

This chick and her heart for our Father and his Word. Missing you like crazy this week as I found a pair of your crazy colored socks in my drawer, (you only moved out like a year ago, so that's totally normal for me to find now right??) listened to Justin Bieber in the car but had no one to sing loudly with.....I just miss you so much. But I know you will be back from Ecuador for my wedding soon enough AND we are skyping tonight so that makes it all better.

Also, I am thankful to be feeling healthy again (some bad food knocked me off my feet for a few days this week)
I'm thankful for new friends who come into my life like this lady---Caty Steele...check out her blog here. She is just so great and will be an inspiration to each of you.

What are you thankful for this week?