Attention ALL BRIDES!

I don't know if any of you brides, or brides-to-be can relate to this, but it is hard to find unique wedding decor that reflects you and your Love's personalities without looking like everyone else...I want my wedding to be unique and special with one of kind pieces that NO ONE ELSE can just go out and buy!

And wow, when I saw this Etsy Shop, I fell in LOVE with these handmade, one of kind wedding signs!

I am SO excited to share this amazing wedding decor with each of you. 

~~Chevvy & Ron's~~

These girls are both from my hometown of Albany, GA and graduated from my high school...and boy are they talented. They make some of the most adorable custom signs I have ever seen, and even better---the signs don't break the bank! They are reasonably priced and a GREAT deal for such unique decor.

Brianne of a Heape of Love blog and Mallory of Planned Surprises blog started Chevvy and Ron's awhile back and their business has taken off! These talented best friends make custom door hangers, Christmas decor, college signs, and state art as well. Every single one of you should check them out.

Here is just a taste of some of the amazing pieces in the shop right now!

I love these signs. Brianne and Mallory can basically make any bride any thing she wants. They are amazing to work with, and I am speaking from experience--look at the amazing direction signs they made for my wedding!

Aren't they SO CUTE? I cannot wait for everyone to see these signs. Each sign is made from Georgia barn wood, and no two signs are alike, just like brides, everyone is UNIQUE so of course every bride deserves to have unique decor to make her big day even more special and meaningful!

Please go follow these talented ladies, check out their Facebook page for discounts, sales, and special events!

If you want to have a one of kind wedding then you HAVE TO HAVE these one of kind custom signs!