Closer every day...

So today marks 26 days until I become Mrs. Rachel Cox...we are closer every day...and I am trying desperately not to wish away my last days as a "single college student"... No more sappy sadness for this post though....I wanted to update you all on our amazing weekend in Albany, GA (my hometown).

Ben and I had a Blessing Shower on Thursday night at Mark and Debbie Glow's house....This couple is basically like a second set of parents to me and have poured into me spiritually from the very first day they met me (in their first grade Sunday School class). For those of you who may not know what a blessings shower is, it is something in my opinion every engaged couple should experience...Every person who has remotely invested in me over the course of my life in Albany was invited...We ate dinner, and then went upstairs. All the amazing couples who attended then shared marriage successes, failures, advice, wisdom and Scripture with Ben and I. There were tears, laughter, and lots of prayer. Ben and I were able to share our story as well as tell about the ministry the Lord has called us to in the Fall (don't worry...I will fill you in on that in a sec). It was the sweetest thing for me to have the opportunity to share Ben with the people who have always meant the most to me. Ben was very vulnerable, emotional, and so tender in the way he told our story. Everyone there was able to see his heart for Christ and love for me, and that was an amazing blessing to me.

Gifts were not opened at the shower, which I loved, it was all about encouragement and Christ. I cannot wait until the day Ben and I are able to host a similar shower for someone else. It was one of the most meaningful experiences we have had during our almost 9 months of engagement.

We also were able to attend a wedding of a friend I graduated with, Kelly Pearce and Wesley Garland. It was absolutely beautiful and we are both so happy for the way the Gospel was pictured and presented through them at their wedding. Praying so many blessings over them and their marriage!

Okay, So I said I would share about the ministry Ben and I have been called to work with next semester....It is a newly established campus ministry called Four Corners Mission Network...

Four Corners is a campus ministry serving at Mississippi State and is a partner of Redeemer Church of Starkville, MS. I will be serving as a full-time staff member, and Ben will be a part as much as his schedule will allow with his studies. We are both so excited about this opportunity and how the Lord is going to work in and through this ministry at MSU. As sinners that are completely undeserving of Christ’s grace, we rejoice in the fact that, “For our sake he made him (Jesus) to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him (Jesus) we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor. 5:21).  In Christ’s life, death, and resurrection we have been given such an incredible gift. Because of the truth of this passage, and the fact that righteousness comes only from the Father, Ben and I have decided without a doubt that the Lord is calling us to serve in this ministry as long as we are in Starkville.
Four Corners is an organization that will be partnered with the local church to equip students with an extensive knowledge of the Gospel and the Scriptures and prepare them to go out and make disciples of all nations. As a mission network, Four Corners will provide an avenue for students to serve alongside other churches all over the US and in many countries around the world, meeting the needs of those communities. We feel this ministry is unique from other campus ministries because it is a partner and extension of the local church. Four Corners desires to not only reach out to students on the MSU campus, but also to bridge the gap from college campus to local church.  We hope that this will allow students the chance to be a part of a complete body and community of believers while in college.
As staff members with Four Corners, Ben and I will disciple students on campus, lead small group Bible studies, reach out to students that need to hear of the Lord, invite students into our home, and raise up leaders who are willing to go and serve the kingdom around the four corners of the earth. Lord willing, we will be able to start our ministry with Four Corners in August. Our goal is to boldly proclaim the gospel of grace (Ephesians 6:19) and to commit ourselves to diligently building up students in the Word to send them out prepared and eager to make disciples.
We are so excited about this opportunity and ask that you be prayer along side us for favor and for provision for our financial needs. As staff members of Four Corners, we raise our own financial support. In order for us to begin serving, we must have 100% of our support raised by August. Ben and I have studied the Word on this concept and feel as though the Bible encourages believers to labor alongside and aid other believers as family in Christ – in prayer, spiritual toil, and physical and financial support. Acts 2:42-47, Philippians 4:10-20, and 3 John 1:5-8 are wonderful passages to study in regards to this idea. Ben and I are now facing the task of raising support this summer. We know this will not be an easy process, but we fully trust the Lord will provide what we need because he has so clearly called us to this task.
Again, We are so excited about this, and are very sure the Lord has called us to this. If you would like to hear more or get more involved in what the Lord has called us to, please let me know. We are eager to share about this amazing ministry.
In other news, Ben's bachelor party is this weekend!! He is going to the beach with all his groomsmen and is very excited about it...I am travelling to Jackson to visit some dear friends as well. On Sunday when we both return Ben can move into our apartment!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited, and so so ready to begin unpacking boxes and setting up our new home! Be looking for updates here in the coming weeks!
Take care dear ones!