Life Lately

So life lately has been crazy and just flying right on by...I am so sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted. I am trying hard to enjoy every last day and moment of college (I graduate in 3 weeks) and engagement (just 34 more days) I have been trying to focus on things here and have found very little extra time to blog...

But here is an update on all that is going on with us...

To start I had my bachelorette party/weekend a couple weeks ago now---and it was AMAZING! I am so blessed with amazing friends who love me. I really wanted to enjoy a very relaxing weekend getaway with my girls and boy was that exactly what it was. 

We spent the weekend in the Mississippi Delta (for those of you who don't know it is paradise in the absolute middle of no where)

We stayed at a lodge on the water that was perfect, it was spacious and so incredibly nice inside. We enjoyed junk great food and lots of amazing fellowship. We watched movies, laid out on the lake, played games and spent time in the Word together. It was a perfect weekend, I could not have asked for anything better!

meet my soon to be sister in law and name twin Rachel Cox (Ben's sister) :)

My sweet ball of sunshine Morgan Jones

Roomie for life (even though we now live two hours apart) Melissa Byrd

Love this candid pic of Katie Beth and I....what a mess she is! :)

Here is a view from the bank of the sunset our first night!

We had absolutely no cellphone service---we sort of went into shock the first night haha :)

The view from our balcony (It is like a picture from a postcard)

This lovely lady planned it all--literally don't know what I would do without you and our friendship! :)

Loved hanging out with my mom and sister!

First night--missing missing 3 bridesmaids!

Meet my maid of honor and amazing little sissy!

again, the lovely Nicole Cox (not related to Ben) who planned the entire weekend!

In other news---This past week was my last full week of college. SAD...and so my sorority had Senior Week where almost every night all the seniors participate in some event celebrating our four years in college. On Wednesday night we went to paint pottery at a local place and I am so happy with how my cute little mug turned out! 



Isn't it too cute? I am drinking out of it right now as I write and am just obsessed with it!

On Thursday we had Senior Dinner at my all time favorite place Anthony's Good Food Market in Westpoint....seriously one of the best restaurants around in my opinion, Phi Mu treated us to dinner which made it that much better! It was great to catch up with these beautiful ladies over an amazingly delicious meal!

Finally, this weekend was SUPER BULLDOG WEEKEND, and for those of you not familiar with Mississippi State and Starkville this is the biggest weekend in the Spring! There are sporting events all weekend including our spring football game, there is the Historic Cotton District Arts Festival (my favorite) where tons of local vendors, musicians and food stands are set up all day in downtown Starkville. It is seriously my favorite weekend. We walked from Ben's apartment to get crawfish that morning, which was GRRRREAT. And then spent the rest of the day at the Arts Festival and Baseball was a great weekend!

Hope to be blogging more regularly, but just bear with me between now and May 25th when I finally become Mrs. Rachel is crazy this last month!

What did you do this weekend?