House to Home

Hello All!

So so sorry that I have been incognito for the past few weeks...graduation, moving things into our new house, and a wedding just 12 days away is keeping me rather busy! :)

So here is a post to update you all on everything....can you believe the wedding is almost here? Cause I cannot...everyone said engagement would drag on and on...boy were they wrong. Ben and I both feel like it was just last week he got down on one knee and here we are about to walk to the altar together!!!!! :) Praise the Lord for his graciousness in allowing time to pass the way it has!

Well first....I am officially an alumnus of the best university in the nation, Mississippi State University. Saturday was such a joy as I was able to walk across that stage and shake Dr. Keenum's hand alongside some of my very best friends. I am thankful that Ben and I will be in Starkville for several more years so I am not forced to say goodbye to this special place quite yet.

It was an awesome day. :) Hail State!

In other news...Ben has moved into our new house and so we have both been working tirelessly on making it become more of a home. We have painted, distressed, waxed, buffed, nailed, sawed, screwed, sanded, stained, cleaned, hung, organized, and repeated each of these tasks what seems like a million times. But it has been the greatest delight!

We are enjoying every minute in the new house, and things are really starting to come together. Here are a few pictures from our projects thus far, and I am going to try to post a more complete "tour" through the house later this week.

Ben has been amazing and every day when he gets off work he has given me a break from painting and taken over for me! :) Love this guy...

We had to do a whole lot of priming...

Master bedroom curtains

Two of our kitchen chairs

Ben's dresser-- :) Made beautiful by the miracle of chalk paint

Coffee Hutch :) more to come on this little station hopefully this week!

Excuse the mess, and lack of bedding---this is the master bedroom thus far.

This little chest was my grandmother's hope chest that she gave me to use during in college as a coffee was a deep jade color, and now will sit at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom.

We are staying busy busy between the house, wedding and raising support for Four Corners (learn more here) I will try to post one more time before going home for the wedding.....WE ARE LEAVING THIS SATURDAY! :) ahhh words cannot describe my excitement!

Take care dear ones!