New House, New Name, New EVERYTHING!

Hello friends! wow, its been over a month since I have last posted and for that I am say my life has been hectic lately is QUITE the understatement! The wedding, honeymoon, coming back, getting settled, and jumping right into work have kept Ben and I so busy that we nearly pass out at 9:30 most evenings....or try to. :) I am hoping that things are going to begin to slow down a little bit...but I wanted to give you all an update on us, show some wedding pictures and some of the things we have been doing as newlyweds! :)
First for wedding pictures...We haven't gotten them back from our photographer but here is a glimpse of some of the pictures she shared and some that my mother-in-law took!

The wedding was perfect in every way...the weather was beautiful, the Lord used it to bring glory to his name and to turn others to him, we are so grateful to our family and friends who made our wedding day all that it was for us.
Jamaica was amazing! It was the best thing ever to realize as we left the wedding that we got to wake up the next morning and fly to another country just the two of us. And we had a blast! We went to Ocho Rios to climb Dunn's River Falls as well as Nigril one day to spend the day on the beach, shopping around town, and watching the sunset at Rick's Cafe. We had massages, and enjoyed lots of great relaxation and yummy food! It was a great retreat and an awesome way to start our marriage.
Since we have been back I am working part time on Mississippi State's campus and part time as a nanny for two little girls age 7 and 11. I will start with my ministry job at State in August if all my support comes in! :) I am very eager to begin this new chapter in our lives. Ben is staying busy with his research, and field work. It been a busy time, but so much fun. I am loving life and so filled with joy that I am able to do life with Ben Cox, as his wife. The Lord has been gracious and allowed me to have a smooth transition from college life to the life and responsibility of a wife. I am learning a lot but have become very comfortable in the kitchen as well as managing our home. Its been a huge blessing, that I am very thankful for.
We also have traveled every weekend since we have been back...weddings, weddings, and Ben's family moving to Hernando, MS has kept us bouncing from place to place this month. However we have still managed to have some really fun adventures such as...
a trip to GiGi's cupcakes :)

Buying fresh produce at a local farmers market, we bought the BEST okra, and lima beans, and some delicious peaches!

Seeing dear friends enter the BEST COVENANT relationship this side of heaven!!

Sunny days on a four wheeler by the river!

figuring out placement for our gallery wall in the living room!

and having a breakfast date at one of my fav places!
It has been such a sweet month of marriage...I am not naive to think it will be butterflies and roses always, but praise the Lord that he has allowed for us to experience something so sweet and so reflective of his love for us while we are on earth. I am so thankful for my husband and the picture of Christ that he is to me daily. It makes me fall so much deeper in love with my Savior as well as with Ben.
I will be posting some yummy recipes that have been quite the hit in the Cox Residence really soon! Glad to finally be back in the blog world!