My God is Able.

These words are so simple. But just stop and think about the gravity that they carry.

What does this mean exactly? Well...Let me just share some ways He has been teaching me about his unlimited ability and faithfulness personally.
Here are a few examples...
    My car kept breaking down a few weeks ago...the battery had to be replaced, then the alternator had to be was just terrible. Ben and I were not exactly sure what this unexpected expense was going to mean for us financially, but then a check came in the mail unexpectedly from a family member, totally unaware of my car fiasco....and there it was....My God is so ABLE.
Ben and I are raising support for Four Corners Mission Network (read more here) and this is just very difficult. It is hard to ask others for financial support, and also very hard to fully trust in the Lord to provide your salary...but we went from 0$ to a significant amount a couple weeks ago in just 48 hours...again, My God is ABLE.
Ben and I were out of town over the weekend, and when we returned to our house we noticed our toilet was not functioning properly. As silly as it may seem we spent time praying over the toilet, asking the Lord to just fix it or provide for a way to have someone come look at it...well the next morning we woke up and it was totally repaired, it was working just like it should...again, wow. The Lord is ABLE.
Psalm 89:5-14
Matthew 7:7-11
Philippians 1:3; 4:10-20
The thing I am learning the most in my own life right now, it that conflict and struggle is part of life. Not just is it a part of life but it is a key piece in the Christian's life that has been intentionally placed there by the Father himself...the Lord placed enmity between Satan and woman in the garden and there began an eternal battle that is so much bigger than our circumstances.
We see on the outside a broken car, a struggling relationship, a sickness, financial troubles, anxiety....but actually the issue is so much bigger....we are fighting a spiritual battle in which Satan will go out of his way in any possible way to cause us to doubt, stumble, and turn our backs on our Heavenly Father. This battle will not end until the Lord returns...our Pastor at Redeemer, Mike Boyett, said this..."There will always be deep seeded rage against the people of God, not only by Satan, but by those who are of him, whom are any that do not know Christ." We are in a battle and this cannot be ignored, yet even greater is the reality that our Father is victorious. The end of this war has been predetermined. The Lord has defeated the evil one, why? because HE IS ABLE.
The Lord is so ABLE to work in every circumstance we experience in this life, and not only is he able, but he desires to work in our sufferings so much glory is brought to his name. When we question our circumstances by saying things such as, "why me?" or "how can something like this happen to me?" we are questioning the authority and ability of our God...our questioning reflects a lack of deep and true understanding of the character of our Savior.
"In the face of suffering, Christ has absolute control...we have NOTHING to fear." -Mike Boyett
If we cannot fully believe this statement, we desperately need to learn more about the character of our God. He is mighty, and true to his I am learning this so much in my own life. And it is a daily struggle, something we must remind ourselves of continually.
Praying we realize the importance of understanding this.
Take care dear ones!