Nana's Chalk Paint Recipe

Happy Monday friends! So today was a super great first day of the week...why you may ask? Well I was able to spend the day with my girls I nanny (they have been gone at camp for a week). It was so great to see them and even sweeter to have Claire (10) share with me that she received a new Bible at camp and has been reading it...she then went on to ask me all kinds of questions...I was so excited! 

Claire's were...Has anyone in the entire world ever read the whole Bible all the way through? Do Dinosaurs exist? How did they get married during Adam and Eve's time when there were not really any people on the earth? Why can't people live to be 800 years old today? and what is the storyline of the can you say childlike innocence? It was so sweet. I enjoyed so much being able to share with this precious girl about what the story of the Bible is and that redeeming love is the theme in EVERY single book. She is starting to read through Psalms and Proverbs...I am so very proud of her...

Anyways, we also went on a walk to the pool from where Ben and I live and on the way stopped to pick some yummy figs from a huge fig tree nearby...I may be making some fig jam or jelly right after I finish this post tonight...we shall see how ambitious I feel! :) 

So onto the Chalk Paint Recipe and the real reason for this post...Ben's grandmother who we all call Nana introduced the entire family to chalk paint. She has done several pieces in her home and they are all just beautiful. She is very talented when it comes to this technique. Chalk paint (or at least this recipe) is not the most durable paint so should not be used on pieces of furniture that will be knocked against on a regular is really simple to do as long as you have a pinch of patience and a dash of motivation... you can do it! I promise the finished product will make all the work so worthwhile. 


Plaster of Paris
Flat Latex Paint (mixed to the color of your choice)
Mixing bowl or bucket
paint stirrers
Whisk (that you don't mind getting dirty)
Krud Kutter (dirt and grim remover you can get at Lowe's)
Furniture Wax 
Old rags/soft t shirts

**Use one cup of plaster for every 3 cups of paint

Step ONE: Mix Plaster of Paris with water until it reaches a pancake like consistency (so slightly runny but not like water) and there are no lumps.

Step TWO: Slowly whisk in plaster mixture to paint and stir until all incorporated. Stir with Paint stirrer.


Step ONE: Use Krud Kutter and spray the furniture piece liberally. Let sit for 3-5 minutes. Wipe of thoroughly with old t shirt or rag. 

Step TWO: Apply chalk paint to furniture (I usually do 2-3 coats depending on the furniture and the color of paint...lighter colors usually 3 coats when applied to darker wood, and darker colors just two coats)

Step THREE: Let dry completely...should not take long. It will dry very quickly. 


Step ONE: Take a damp soft t shirt or soft rag, and begin to rub the paint in areas you want to distress. It will come off easily so do this step very carefully so as to not take chunks of paint off at a time. 

Step TWO: Take soft rag or t shirt and begin applying wax to every inch of the painted furniture. Let dry for 10-15 minutes. Really focus on distressed parts, making sure to apply wax thoroughly to ensure a good seal. 

Step THREE: Buff the furniture. This just means take a rag and rub really hard and fast against every inch of the piece until it begins to have a slight shine and glossy look to it. (Ben always does this part for me, but it is totally doable for all us girls, just gotta use a little muscle).

Then you have a perfectly distressed, shabby chic furniture piece that all your friends are guaranteed to ooo and ahh over. 

Let me know if you have any questions at are a few pictures of some pieces I have done using this exact recipe and method. 

Hope you enjoy every minute making your own beautiful furniture for you home! :) Happy painting friends!