So I promise I am going to get more consistent with my posts...soon. Life has been a whirlwind these past weeks and it just seems to keep getting more and more hectic. As many of you may know, my precious grandmother passed away on July 6th...she had a very sudden and unexpected heart attack and went on to be with the Lord Saturday morning. I had just talked with her on the phone the evening before, and had made plans for Ben and I to drive over to Columbus and go out to dinner with them...her death was not something anyone in my family was anticipating. We were stunned, shocked, and so devastated. She was extremely healthy and would have turned 76 on July 11th. We miss her so much, and always will. I was very very close to her because she lived in a town only 25 minutes from Mississippi State. I am so grateful that my grandmother was able to be at my wedding almost two months ago, and these pictures will always be treasured. I have been blessed by the most God fearing, classy, poised woman to call my Grammy all my life, and I am so grateful that one day I will see her again with my heavenly Father where she is worshiping him at his feet right now.

The Lord has been so faithful through my grandmother's death to grant peace and  assurance of his hand in every situation we face. We grieve not as those who have no hope...for we know that Grammy is rejoicing with her Savior, where her faith has been made sight and her prayers have been made praise. Amen!!

Because of this unexpected loss, I have been in and out of work, and spending lots of time helping my mom with my grandfather and their house. It has been such a joy to work hard helping in order to lighten the burden on my mom's shoulders. We are taking each step forward with faith knowing the Lord will establish our steps and direct our path. 

On another note, I have had several people ask for me to share mine and Ben's vows on the blog so that those who could not hear at the wedding may read here they are. I hope they are an encouragement to you, and may this post be another way for Ben and I to be held accountable for our covenant and promises to each other before the body of Christ.

Ben's Vows to Rachel

Rachel, today, I leave my father and mother to become one with you and to commit to you all that I am – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Today, I am choosing you to be my bride over every other woman in the world, and I will forever treasure you as a precious gift from God, my best friend and encourager.  I will sacrificially lay down my rights and ambitions for you, and I will love you with a love only Christ himself could place within me, just as Christ loved the church.  I will live with you in an understanding way, honor you, and cherish you in the presence or absence of romantic feelings.
I will strive to make our marriage the purest picture of the Gospel that I can, through the Lord’s Spirit within me.  I will pray for the Lord to give me discernment to act and react always in His Spirit and not my flesh.  I embrace my responsibility to protect you, to be your biggest defender, to value your desires and thoughts, to encourage you, to lead you and our family spiritually, to provide vision for our family, and to scripturally manage our finances.  I will diligently seek to fulfill those responsibilities through all of life’s joys and blessings and darkest tests and trials.
Every bit of me, all that I am, is yours until death should part us.  Because God has given you to me as a temporary gift, I promise to strive to be the best steward of you that I can.  When death does part us, I pray that I may be able to present you to our Heavenly Father purer and holier than on the day we met.

Rachel's Vows to Ben

Benjamin, Today, I will leave my father and mother and cleave to you and I will become one with you. I will be submissive to you in the fear of the Lord, out of my love, respect, and total trust in you. I will depend fully on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit to fill me with all the love I need to be your completion, your wife.
                I will daily support you and uplift you by word and deed, and I will put more emphasis on what you are than what you are not. I will stand beside you through the storms, darkness and trials, and I will rejoice with you in the blessings and celebrations the Lord will gracious give to us.
                I will diligently seek to respond to you in love as I would to our Heavenly Father. I will always comfort you and encourage you. I will pray for you and push you to Christ in everything. I will always honor you as the head of our household as Christ is the Head of the church. I will strive to keep our communication open and honest and trust the Lord to give me a humble and forgiving heart. I will strive to make our marriage a picture of the Gospel in every way through the power of the Holy Spirit.
                Benjamin, I desire to be a crown to your head, to bring honor to your name, and bring you good and not harm all the days of my life. I commit to love you with a love only Christ himself could place within my heart. I will forever treasure you as God’s gift to me, whose value is immeasurable. 

My wedding pictures are in the mail to me as of today, so I cannot wait to share some with you in the days ahead. Praying for more time to be able to keep you all updated on Ben and I...but I am blessed to be able to say that marriage is amazing, still...almost 2 months in. We are experiencing some great spiritual growth through various trails, and we are finding true joy during the heartache.

Hope to share some really great recipies soon!

Take Care dear ones!