So to catch up on the past few months here is a post in pictures of all that I am abundantly thankful for in the months of June and July...

I am thankful for...

  Antique shopping with my hubby after enjoying an amazing breakfast at our favorite local place downtown.   

Jars, and jugs made of glass and not plastic. 

Music, and a husband who is able to play my favorite instruments and serenade me.

Living walking distance from MSU's campus and downtown Starkville...perfect location for evening walks to enjoy the summer air. 

Spontaneous walks to our favorite coffee shop for a latte date and great conversation.

Blueberry pickin' with my favorite little girls in the cool of the morning.

curly hair, and freckles, and the confidence of little ones.

Lazy Saturday mornings complete with my childhood favorite board game, waffles and French pressed coffee. 

Popsicles made with fresh fruit in honor of our all-time favorite country.

a shop with saws that we cannot currently afford and permission to use them in order to build furniture for our home. 

A sister in law who brings us a TON of veggies and fruits from her boyfriends garden. 

Delicious homemade banana bread, and friends who are a joy to share it with.

The accomplishment of making my own laundry detergent, and saving a whole bunch of money by doing it.

Stay at home dates, complete with chocolate, forts, and good music.

Krispy Kreme's birthday and a free dozen donuts....that we did not need. :)

friends who are recently engaged, and the opportunity to stand by them on their wedding day. 

So much has happened over these past two months, good things as well as hard things. I think it is so important to take time to reflect on what all we have that the Lord has richly blessed us with. Because no matter our circumstances, as a child of our Father, Jesus Christ, that alone makes us so richly blessed. 

What are you thankful for?