Life Lately.

Life lately has seemed slightly like one exciting, chaotic whirlwind. School is back in full swing at MSU and while I may not be in classes anymore, working for a campus ministry is keeping me busy...busy in the best kind of way. I cannot express enough how much I love my job. To have the opportunity to sit down with college girls daily and study the Scriptures together is an amazing thing, and something I am so thankful for. The Lord is making much of himself through Four Corners Mission Network after only 2 weeks and we are so eager as a team to see all he is going to do to bring glory to his name in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

I am going to do a life lately recap through pictures (and there are not many), because one it is easier to keep up with all our happenings via pictures, and two...who doesn't love pictures??...arguably, no one. 

Labor day weekend was a BLAST...long weekends are always amazing, but this one was a great one. Ben and I had no where to go and could not have been happier about that. We slept in, made waffles for breakfast, hung out in our pjs, played monopoly, and did craft projects. We had a productive yet restful was a success. 

we worked on this large statement picture frames for our living room for a large portion of the weekend. I cannot wait to share the final product! 

Also, my talented husband decided to bring out his instruments one night (which doesn't happen too often these days) and he played for me and we sang was great and reminded us both of the early days in our dating relationship. 

We are grateful for the weekend of rest and for fun adventures like going for a random night ride around town, trips to our favorite frozen yogurt places, and a random "date" trip to the Pet Store. A weekend full of memories. 

What did you do this weekend? 

Take Care dear ones!