Pumpkin Pie Bites

So this past week was jam packed with awesome things...like a trunk show for some incredible jewelry,  check it out here. (Also you can still purchases goodies and the credit will go towards my trunk show until THIS THURSDAY! just pick out what you want and put my name Rachel Cox as your trunk show at check out!) 

I also had a baby shower on Friday for my dear friend Kaylee Ragan that serves on staff with Four Corners Mission Network, a wedding, and a trip to see Ben's parents. I would say it was a busy but super fun week! But best of all it is officially AUTUMN! and while in Mississippi it may be awhile before it stays consistently cool outside, this weekend was gorgeous, and the temperature was perfect! So in honor of the best season of the year, let's celebrate the fruit of the fall...PUMPKINS!

For the baby shower I helped with we used all of Kaylee's pregnancy cravings for our inspiration for our food spread...we had fruit salad, sausage muffins, peanut butter/banana/chocolate chip quesadillas, cheese wafers, chocolate candy, and my favorite PUMPKIN PIE BITES!

These could not have been easier to make, and they were quite the hit at the shower. Everyone loves pie but it is so much easier to make it bite sized when finger foods are being served. I used a recipe I found here from a blog I love called Bakerella. I made my mini pies a little smaller using a 2 3/4 inch biscuit cutter and got about 32 mini pumpkin pies! Serve with some whip cream and there you have a dessert that is sure to please any crowd! 

After the shower Ben and I hit the road to spend the weekend in Hernando with his parents! We had a wedding to attend on Saturday in Memphis which just happens to be right down the road from their house...well so we thought. It ended up being a little closer to an hour, but hey whose is counting...

We had a blast at the wedding seeing college friends and Ben's fraternity brothers. Joey, the groom, and Melissa, the bride looked great! We wish you guys all the best, and pray your marriage will reflect Jesus and his gospel in a very real way...how sweet is marriage that we are able to be a picture to the world of the Lord's unfailing, unrelenting love for his Church? It gets me teary eyed every time I think of it...Marriage is truly the greatest privilege and honor this side of heaven. 

Our only decent picture, taken on my phone, hence the blurriness. 

Anyways, not time for tears right now...whoo, I'm good now. haha. Saturday morning we enjoyed sitting on the porch drinking coffee and watching the newest addition to the Cox family (ben's parents), the pup named Lucy, run around and be all cute in the way only a puppy can be. Also, Ben's parents gave me my birthday present and I was so excited. It was two chairs for our kitchen table (we have only had two up to this point, and I have felt weird inviting people over for dinner because we had to sit on the floor, so bring on the dinner parties now). They bought the chairs at an estate sale and fixed them up for me! I love them! 

Overall it was an amazing week. Last night to top off everything I was able to see a good friend from college who was in my sorority while we were at MSU. She has recently started her own business, impressive right?, and came to the Phi Mu sorority house on campus to do a trunk show. I was able to visit for a little bit and hear how her wedding planning is going (she gets married in March whoop whoop!) and I also was able to buy a couple goodies! She has the most adorable stuff and it is all so affordable! Check her out here. 
Today has been a rainy day so I am fighting the urge to curl up in bed with a book and fall asleep. The Coxes are having Corn Chowder tonight as our rainy day comfort dinner, what do you enjoy eating on rainy days? I would love to hear from you!

Take Care Dear Ones!