Hello friends. bet you thought I fell off the planet after almost one month of no posting. my excuse is....well honestly I don't have one, but sometimes a break is necessary and October seemed to be break time for me. But now it is November so I plan to do much better about posting. 

This is the month of thankfulness. A month dedicated to reflecting on the many God-given blessings in our lives...and wow I am blown away by the way the Lord has blessed me and my family of two. Marriage is the sweetest, hardest, most sanctifying and joy-filled experience I have ever been a part of. I would not trade it for anything. I have an incredible family with siblings that are some of my closest friends. My "in-laws" are some of the most loving and selfless people I know and it truly is a joy to be a part of such an amazing family. My job brings me such happiness, I am so extremely grateful to have a daily job that allows me to get coffee with college girls, unpack the Word with them and teach them how to hunger and thirst after righteousness. It is the sweetest thing to do life alongside so many incredible young women who are learning to love Jesus in deep ways. I could go on and on and I am going to stop, and reflect on other sources of gratitude via pictures. 

First I am grateful for a trip home to Georgia a few weeks ago and for some really godly fellowship with new and old friends. Also, I am thankful for this guy...anyone who knows me in the slightest knows how much my little sister and brother mean to me. This is my brother Reed. He is a published writer now at the age of 15. He, along with several others from my home church, wrote devotionals in this newly published book for teenagers. I am so proud of Reed and his commitment to our Savior. This guy loves Jesus, and is a hard worker, not very many guys his age are like this. I am thankful for his dedication in all he does and the loving way he is with everyone he knows. Proud of ya Reedman!

I am so thankful for my husband. He is passionate about Christ, the gospel and the Scriptures and I will never get over how lucky I am to be married to a man who loves the Lord deeply and fully. He desires to sanctify me in the truth of God's Word, and you know what, sometimes I make that so hard for him, I fight sanctification, but he patiently and graciously bears with me loving me the way Jesus Christ faithfully and patiently loves his rebellious bride, the church. I had to speak at an event for a sorority at MSU Sunday night and Ben so willingly took time to sit down night after night leading up to the talk to walk me through the Word in order to help me piece all my thoughts together...yeah basically he is my favorite.
I am thankful for Friday nights in a small (ish) town where all you have to do is go to Wal-mart and walk around. I love baking, and Ben's dreams of being a farmer...these basically were ornaments made for us. 

Below are craft supplies, and while yes I am thankful for them and the impending Christmas season...I am more thankful for my sweet friend Nikki that I got to spend my Saturday morning with getting these craft supplies. We had a girls morning drive to Tupelo, MS and just knocked around a few stores and enjoyed some much needed catch up time. It was great!
Crafts. yes okay I am super thankful for crafts, for the free time to make them. For my grandmother and mom's own piano sheets that make up this wreath, for Miss Mustard Seed's awesome home decor book, and for CHRISTMAS. :) 

Last but certainly not least I am thankful for the ability to love my church family through service. My way of loving often is translated through food. Through baking, cooking, and sharing meals with our family of believers at Redeemer. This is a fresh apple cake made for some very special friends of ours that go to our church. I am thankful most of all for a church of people that do life together outside of a Sunday meeting. Who love each other well every day of the week and seek to be God's people as much on Wednesday nights at small group as we do on Sundays when we got together for our church meeting.

I think it is so special and needed sometime to stop and reflect on things we are grateful for. I encourage you to do this. What has the Lord blessed you with this year? these past months, weeks and days? 

Take care!