Friday letters.

So I have seen this idea on many blogs that I follow...writing letters. Since my blog is a lifestyle blog and setting out to capture little moments from my newlywed (ish) life, I thought this would be a fun thing to implement. So here it goes. 

Dear Benjamin (my husband), Thank you so much for last night, for loving me the way you do, for cuddling with me on the couch while watching Home Alone. You have had so much riding on your shoulders at work these past few weeks but you are so gracious and selfless to set it all aside at home to sit and listen to me and to watch movies with me while eating popcorn. Thank you for waking up super early this morning to fix my car and change the are so handy and hardworking, and this never goes unnoticed. Oh and thank you for letting us drive to Jackson Monday night just for an hour or so to show support for my dear friend's are awesome, and I love you more than chewy molasses cookies (which you know as of late is really saying something).

To Wednesday game night, you really brought us some great laughs. You allowed us all to get to know each other in a different way outside of church and small groups. However, next time I think all the wives would appreciate it if you would shine some of your game night favor on the girls team in the heated game of catchphrase. 

Dear Christmas, only a few days away and I am so excited. First married Christmas has already been a blast. From baking, to looking at lights, to Christmas movie marathons it has all been better with a husband. Thank you for being my favorite season of the year, and allowing me the excuse to drink hot chocolate excessively and to eat sweets every hour on the hour without shame. 

Dear future puppy, Ben and I talk about you every day now. We have decided on names and everything. We are saving our pennies, dimes, and nickels in hopes of finding you and bringing you home soon. Until then stay cute and cuddly wherever in the world you may be. 

To my in-laws, today is Friday which means today is the day we come to see you all. Can't wait to get there tonight to celebrate Christmas with you. Can't wait to play with Lucy and roll on the floor laughing while forcing her to model her latest doggie sweater or jacket for us. 

To Kirsten, you are back in the USA for Christmas and I haven't seen you yet...but we will be reunited on Sunday, Lord willing, and I am pumped. We have done a terrible job this go around at staying in touch which has made me that much more eager to see you in a few days. Moving to Ecuador cannot do anything to our friendship. 

Dear wifehood, you are hard. I had no idea 7 months ago how sanctifying and refining marriage could and would be. Submission is a daily struggle right now, and it is often hard to stop the bad communication habits. However, you are teaching me more and more about being dependent on the Holy Spirit rather than myself and how prayer is an essential to daily life. Praying the sanctification never stops. 

Dear Harry Potter, somehow I am on your last book even though I started your series only a month ago. I cannot put you down. You have captivated my attention and allowed me to remember childhood by entertaining my imagination. Thank you for being an innocent way of escaping the daily craziness and giving me an amazing wizarding world to enjoy on my own leisure. 

Friday letters are to hopefully (cross your fingers) become a weekly tradition. We shall see how this quest goes. Happy Friday friends! Only 5 days til Christmas!!

Take care.