To the inner fashionista.

I am giddy... no elated...overjoyed...beside myself...let me tell you why...

Today my very first Stichfix package came whole day early. And boy oh boy was I pumped about it! (if you couldn't tell from all the highly emotional adjectives I just used)

Hold on...What is Stitchfix you ask? Well let me tell you...

It is only the best thing ever invented in the realm of shopping. Stitchfix is a website that allows you to do your online shopping with (get this) your very own personal stylist (for a tiny fee). It only costs $20 per fix and you can schedule fixes monthly or one time or whenever your heart desires! So then once you schedule your fix, you fill out your style profile to let you stylist know your taste (you can even include links to your style board on pinterest to help the stylist select items perfect for you). Then your amazing stylist works her stylist magic and ships you a package with 5 pieces completely tailored to your likes and dislikes ranging in prices (the best part of all that its a SURPRISE)...then you open your package of awesomeness, try on the pieces, pick which ones to keep (or keep all 5 and get 25% off your total) and then ship back the pieces you do not want to keep in the handy mail bag that is conveniently stamped with a label...Your styling fee goes towards your purchase. 

then you sit back, and feel like a celebrity. haha maybe not quite but you feel pretty fantastic. 

go right now and check it out, I promise you will be so happy! You only have to pay $20 and there are no strings attached, you do not have to keep a single thing. And this is for women of ALL AGES...But really...go check it out.

And now without further are the pieces that were in my package today (excuse the light, my handsome photographer doesn't get home from work until after dark when all the natural light has gone to bed.)

This was favorite top, hands down. I love the pattern and the pop of color. The material feels great and you can tell it is well made. The sleeves can roll up and button at the elbow. I definitely kept this baby!

I also adored this sweater...however as sad as this is I could only handle one item this time for financial reasons and I have a lot of beige, black, and neutral colors in my closet already. So this comfy lounge sweater went back to StitchFix world. I will miss you cuddly sweater...

I would literally never buy a jacket like this, but I liked it a lot once I tried it on. I would probably never even pick this up if I saw it at a store, but it was cute and different and again very well made. Sadly, since money does not grow on trees, this little guy went back. 

I liked the idea of this dress, but alas it was too big and didn't really flatter me in my opinion. Adios amigo. 

This was my least favorite piece in my fix. It is called a Dolman top and the style is just not something I love. It is made of spandex, similar feel to that of the piko tops, however (not pictured) it has a tight fitting band that hugs too close for comfort around the hip region. I do not like tight fitting clothing around my hips so see ya later blouse. 

Overall, this was a great first Fix and I have already scheduled my next one for the beginning of March. I would have bought the jacket, the sweater and the first top if I had enough money! But not this time. I am so happy with my one new top though and cannot wait to wear it out and about. So what are you waiting for? 

Go try out Stitchfix, what do you have to lose? absolutely nothing. This is affordable, fun, and a way to stretch your style boundaries gradually. 

What do you think of these outfits? Which ones would you wear?