10 Facts + 10 Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about myself. I often post my thoughts, and things going on in our life here but most of you know very little about the girl behind the posts! So here is a fun little post-- 10 facts about me and 10 of my favorite things right now. 

1. I love to crochet. It is a hobby I picked up while I was in college and have really started pouring a lot of my time and efforts into now that I am married. I love making things for others, and have a dream of one day opening an Etsy shop to share my creations with others.

2. I get tons of joy from cooking. I posted my kitchen wish list from Etsy a few posts back and talked about how my time in the kitchen was my "me" time. It helps me to clear my head and to bless others with yummy food and treats. And I adore Food Network. I learn so much about cooking, technique and food from those cooking shows.

3. I have never been stung by anything. EVER. now I am knocking on my wooden desk in hopes that I wont walk out of my house and get stung now that I have said this.

4. I have the exact same name as my husband's younger sister...Rachel Cox. Our dads have the same name...David Earl...and our moms have the same birthday...December 26th. Weird huh? But it is all true.

5. I never go anywhere without my Erin Condren planner. I keep it updated weekly and it is completely color coded with stickers to help me keep up with my appointments, to do lists, and meetings. I am kinda an organization freak...okay maybe not kinda, I am. 

6. I love lipstick. Anyone who is around me often knows I hardly ever go out in public without a bold shade of color on my lips. It makes me feel girly, and pretty...and my mom always made me wear it growing up so I would not "look washed out"...its a habit that stuck and now I love all my lipstick, it has become my thing I guess.

7. I love old things. Old items such as antiques, records and my record player (it was my mom's in high school that Ben got back in working shape before we got married) Pyrex dishes, needlepoint or cross stitch pieces, crochet blankets. But I also love old habits, like handwritten letters, sewing, baking completely from scratch, and walking around town instead of driving. I think I have a very old soul. 

8. I have just recently discovered the miracle of dry shampoo. I have very thin hair and feel like I have to wash it every day, but now that I have started using dry shampoo my hair is healthier and thicker...I am in love with the stuff.

9. I love dancing, and singing. I always was very involved in musicals in high school. I was Maria in Sound of Music...probably my favorite musical of all time, and my favorite part I have ever played. I don't get to dance much anymore now that I am out of college but I do love it. And I sometimes secretly dance around our house when I am cleaning, just to let out all my dancing energy. 

10. I love country music. I used to hate it, then I married my very own small town country man, and then I began to love it. Ben plays the guitar, banjo and piano so we love music around here. He loves bluegrass and country and both genres have grown on me. I love the stories that the songs tell, and I love being from the south and the way of life that is represented in old country songs. Tales of simplicity, hard work, family, and hospitality...all the things that make me proud to be a southern belle.

So there ya have it...that is a little bit more about me. What else would you like to know? I would love to answer any question you might have!

Now for my 10 favorites right now...

I will just go in order...

1. I am all about some coffee mug cozies right now. I love my crochet ones I have made and am going to try to tackle one like this mustard one soon.

2. My Frye boots. They are my new favorite item in my closet. I saved up money for them and was so excited and proud to finally be able to purchase them! They are adorable...and go with everything! I just cannot say enough about how much I love them. 

3. Fancy coffee mugs. They make my morning coffee time happy, and I am all for happy. Aren't you?

4. Cockapoo puppies. Ben and I are on several waiting lists for one of these precious little pups. It is only a matter of time before we get an email saying a litter is available and we get to go bring home our little Piper girl (yes we have already picked out her name).

5.  Pretty flowers. They have been inspirational to me lately and stir my affections for the Lord. I mean hello?! he makes these flowers so beautiful, he clothes them with pretty colors and shades, if he notices and cares about the details of flowers how much more will he care for the details of our lives...it just blows me away. 

6. This crochet blanket is a project I started in January. It is my goal to finish it over the course of this year. I am in love with the whimsical flowers...is it not just so lovely? swoon. 

7. This color combo. It was the inspiration for my blog colors and it just makes me so happy. I am such a sucker for a good shade of coral. 

8. Coffee time with my hubby. I love drinking coffee with Ben. It usually only happens on the weekends that we have the time to sit down together and enjoy a cup side by side, but I love those times. They are always full of sweet conversation.

9. Pyrex. I love Pyrex, especially these adorable pastel scalloped bowls. I want them so bad. I am starting to collect Pyrex dishes slowly but surely...this goes back to my whole old soul thing...I love old things.

10. Not pictured but I am all about blogging right now. It has brought such joy to my life to be able to share, encourage, and inspire others through something as simple as writing. It is so neat to me that so many of you take the time to read my thoughts...you are all so wonderful and mean so much to me. 

What are you into right now? I would love to hear from you!