Etsy Kitchen Wishlist

It is Thursday! Do you know what that means? It means it is wife day for me. Sounds kinda silly huh? well...let me tell you about wife day. For those of you who may not know, I work full time for a local church here in our little Mississippi town, and I work primarily with college students at MSU and our children's ministry. Well my staff team leader really believes in putting emphasis on the family and the home. So because of that, we have wife day for the married staff ladies. It is simply one day a week (that we choose) that we are not to do our typical ministry related duties and tend to things related to our home. For example, grocery runs, cleaning the house, exercising, and resting are all wife day approved activities. So Thursdays are really special to me. Today's wife day agenda includes tidying up the house, doing some laundry, finishing some crochet orders, and resting. The resting is so important and special to me. Ecclesiastes 5:12 says, "Sweet is the sleep of a laborer..." after working hard it is always so rewarding to have a day during the week to shift my focus to my home and pour into my duties here as a wife and keeper of a home. 

Anyways, I wanted to do a fun little post today. First, I love our kitchen, it is tiny, has no counter space, and used to be a hallway in our large Victorian old home that has been broken into apartments...but I LOVE the kitchen. It is one of my favorite places to go in our apartment to clear my head through making food. So that has been my inspiration for this post. Second, I love Etsy, because I love handmade (read more about why here). So a wish list for my favorite room, from my favorite website only seemed appropriate. Also, on an unrelated note, I have had so much fun learning more about Photoshop lately. This little graphic below was so fun to create!! Yay for editing software! 

1. Recipe Cards 2. Tea Towels 3. Handstamped Spoons 4. Kitchen Prints 5. Latte Mugs 6. Felt Flowers 7. Pyrex Mixing Bowls (click to go to listing on Etsy)

So I have listed these adorable handwritten recipe cards that I cannot wait to get my hands on! These are made by a friend of mine from college, she is so talented and does beautiful calligraphy and prints! 
These tea towels are just too cute, I love that they include a recipe on the towel, these would make any plain old sink or oven look special by hanging these up. 
Anyone that even knows me a little bit knows how much I adore my coffee, so of course I had to include hand stamped sugar spoons and these handmade pottery latte mugs. They heart in the bottom just makes me feel all fuzzy! 
Finally, last but not least, yellow is one of my favorite colors and so these adorable felt flowers and mixing bowls would be perfect to brighten up any kitchen on even a rainy day. 

I really hope you all go check out these talent filled, handmade Etsy shops soon. None of this is paid advertising by any means, I just love these shops and these items. I currently do not have any of these items (hence the whole wish list thing) and I cannot wait to add some of these to our little kitchen space soon. What are your favorite Etsy shops or items? I would love to hear from you!

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