Friday Letters.

Dear Benjamin Caleb, you make me a better person. That may sound so weird, but really, on my own I am scared, cautious and uncertain. But with you by my side, I want to go sleep under the stars, climb mountains (literally)...I want to be adventurous, and that is all because of you. Thank you for being so curious, the way you look at the world with such a hunger to learn is inspiring to me. Whether you are studying Google maps to know more about a particular city or looking up random things just to understand how something works, you inspire me by your hunger for knowledge. Thank you for always cleaning the cast iron pots, and helping me wash the dishes. Also, thank you for setting up all the budget stuff for my little handmade business, you know how numbers make me wanna scream, so thanks for helping set me up for success. You are the best husband.

Dear Cloudland Canyon State Park/Chattanooga, TN, THANK YOU! We will forever look back at the wonderful weekend you gave us as one of our favorite weekend in the first year of our marriage. We will be seeing you again. (Read about our trip here).

Dear Instagram Community, Some people may think this sounds absolutely ridiculous, and that is okay, to each his own. But I am beyond thankful for the amazing community of God-fearing women I have stumbled upon on IG. Each of you in your different seasons of life are so encouraging and challenging to me in my personal life. Thank you for sharing your lives with the world, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dear Springtime, You are right around the corner, I can just feel it. Come quickly. I am so ready for days spent outside in the grass, laying in my hammock with a good book. I am ready for planting flowers and herbs, the Farmer's Market, and driving with my windows down. You may be my favorite season of all.

Dear Narnia, you are teaching Ben and I how to marvel at all of the Lord's creation. You make me feel like a child again, and you are teaching me to delight in things such as the way sunlight hits my desk, or the sound of a particular birds song. You are just a book, but a book that is teaching us to stand in awe again.

(a few flashback pictures in honor of 9 months of marriage to one awesome man coming up this next week)