simple ponderings.

This was a statement made by my pastor this morning at our staff meeting. It struck a chord so deeply within me that I simply had to create a graphic to share this concept with you all. 
So much about the way we are wired as Americans pushes us to be, in the words of my pastor, conquerors. We desire to see a task, complete the task, and get credit or praise for the completed task. We long to have full understanding, to measure others based on their understanding (or lack there of), to get more understanding. Often times however it is considered shameful or embarrassing to admit we don't have it all figured out. Whether that is in marriage, our jobs, relationships, parenting, church membership, discipleship, ministry in general...we do not have it all together. And rather than our lack of full understanding causing us shame, we should embrace this reality. 

Mike (the pastor I keep referencing) used the example of a child entering the world today in staff meeting to help us better understand this idea of embracing the smallness of our understanding when it comes to our spiritual journey. (that was probably a run on sentence, forgive me) Bringing a human child into the world is a long process. There is conception, the 9 month waiting period of growth, a painful labor, delivery, and then there you are left with a totally dependent child. You do not immediately expect this infant to take care of itself, you rejoice in the littlest of moments. The moment a smile turns to a laugh, rolling over becomes crawling which then becomes walking, a word that becomes a sentence, and so it goes. We rejoice in the simple, slow growth of a child. We never expect them to have deep thoughts at the age of 3, we expect them just to live, and to learn to speak and understand conversation better. So why is this same principle not applied to us as believers in Jesus Christ? We have come to know the Lord (conception) and immediately think we are good to go...but knowing the Lord does not equate to total knowledge or the end of our journey with the Father. By no means! Salvation is simply the beginning, the vehicle or tool we need in order to open our eyes and minds to a whole new world of understanding about ourselves, our Heavenly King, and how to bring him glory. 

So embrace your lack of knowledge. Embrace the smallness of your understanding. Embrace not having the answers to questions. May we find that through embracing this reality we become thinkers. May we begin to piece together our understanding of Christ, Creation, and others based on what the Lord reveals to us through our ponderings. May we dig into the meaning placed in the world around us in order to expand our understanding. May we become fully alive by opening our eyes to the whole of creation. The Lord has so much for us to learn about him, and nothing is out of his touch. Not our friendships, hobbies, music, flowers, food, chores, conversations...nothing is separate from the Lord. All of it can be used to bring him glory. So may we embrace the fact that we, though some may have known the Lord for decades and others only weeks, have so much yet to learn and understand about our Father. We have not arrived. May we not limit what we learn to our salvation experience, but may we learn to view salvation simply as the glasses that were required in order for our eyes to be able to accurately interpret the world around us. When we learn to do this, the Lord, his Gospel, his Kingdom, his Ministry for us on this earth, becomes so big. Bigger than ourselves, and it is only when we learn from the whole of the Lord's created world that this can happen. 

So embrace not knowing. Pray for eyes to see. Rejoice in all that the Lord has created. 

May we learn to rejoice in the world around us in the same way we rejoice in singing to the Lord or studying his Word...may we have eyes to see.

I pray this challenges you as it has challenged me this morning friends!