APRIL GOALS + Giveaway!

Happy Monday!! Can I please just tell you about my weekend real quick? It was so great! I went to the Delta in Mississippi with some sweet friends to celebrate an upcoming wedding of a dear friend. We were in the middle of no where at her family's hunting lodge. It was AMAZING. I was so in awe of the Lord's creation. It was so sweet to have my Canon Rebel T3I handy with me to snap some gorgeous picture of all the scenery. Take a look...our God makes such beautiful things for us to enjoy. 

I am so amazed by the glory of the Lord when I look at these pictures. I am so thankful for such a sweet weekend full of such godly fellowship. It was a joy to be around such special friends that I don't get to see much anymore. So now for goals...April Goals
Can you believe tomorrow begins April? Wow, where has time gone. The days seem to go by so much faster... Anyways. I am trying to be very diligent in setting goals, not so that I can just make lots of lists, but more importantly so I can make most of the time that I have and use it wisely. (Ephesians 5:16-17)

So a little recap on my March Goals

Make my book list for 101 in 1001 (#6)
Clean out my dresser and night table (#4)
Write 5 letters (#79)
Complete 10 squares of my crochet blanket (#23)
Start running again (#40)
Go on three date nights 
Finish A Praying Life by Paul Miller
Have a guest blogger (So excited about this coming next week) (#27)
Try one new recipe (#7)

So I do not have a perfect score I guess for the month of March... but I am learning that is okay. These are goals, and I should strive to meet them, but not beat myself up if I fail... because let's face it, I am bound to fail at some point. I am planing to share my book list soon, and hope to get more work done on my blanket this month. Running will be starting this week (Lord willing)!!

So now on to my goals for April.

Finish A Praying Life by Paul Miller
Start running
Complete 10 (or more) squares of my crochet blanket
Write 5 letters
Send someone happy mail
Buy plants/flowers for the front porch
Have a family from church over for dinner
Wake up at 5:30 every morning for one week
Have my whole family over for Easter (so excited)

I am really hoping to complete these and maybe even add some more to the list along the way.

What goals are you setting for the spring?

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Much Love,