Friday Letters. 04.21.14

Dear Sissy, TOMORROW IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I cannot believe that you will be 20 years old tomorrow. We are not kids anymore and that is still hard for me to believe sometimes. In honor of your birthday I wanted to remind you of a couple fun memories I have of us growing up. I loved when we would play dress up and pretend to travel across the world as we walked from the backyard to the front yard. I am not sure how I did it but remember all the times I somehow would convince you time and time again to help me hang up all my clothes in my closet. Remember the Amen song we would sing at dinner? And I cannot forget how sweet it was to cheer together my senior year, and the common love we share for all things musical, and romantic. Oh, and remember how I would always scare you at night by swinging my whole body over the top bunk of the bed? Or the time you had a roach in your sleep dress...I am literally dying laughing thinking about those memories...All of that was a jumbled mess of sentences and random thoughts, but I am so thankful you are my little sister. I love you up to the moon, and I love you big as the sky...never forget that. 

(isn't she just the prettiest thing you ever did see?) 

I hope your day is perfect and that you feel so loved by your Heavenly Father and by our earthly family. Also, send me a picture of you wearing the necklace we sent you when you get back from Spring Break! 

Dear Benjamin, you are one stud of an athlete. I loved watching you play ultimate Frisbee last. It was nice to feel care free like we were back in college and dating for the evening. Thank you for being so gracious towards me with all that has gone on this week. Your love for me is so selfless and it literally brings me to tears when I think of what a glorious picture you are to me daily of my relationship with Jesus. Life is so sweet with you. 

Dear self (yes I am writing a letter to myself, think of it as a mental note), Remember to take more breaks like yesterday. It is good for you to step away, to breathe, and to step away from all the technology for a little bit. Do that more, shut down in order to be able to love more deeply and genuinely. Today was hard but good for you. 

Dear 929 Coffee, thank you for introducing me to the best local tea I have ever tried (I have not tried much but this stuff was amazing). I have always hated tea, and while I am not turning my back on my beloved cup of jo, I am seeing there is an entire herbal world out there that needs to be explored. Thank you for opening my eyes through one simple tea press of herbal goodness. 


P.S. The winner from the Lavender and Linen Giveaway is...

Congrats to you sweet Lindsey!! I will be contacting you shortly! 

Happy Friday friends!