Friday Letters

Benjamin Caleb, my favorite part of Friday letters is writing little notes to you, knowing that you will take a break sometime at work and read them. This week has been tough, your prelim exam for your PhD is proving to be quite the task. I hate that you are sleepy, and overwhelmed, and weighed down by it all. I wish I could lighten your load, help you in more ways than feeding you and hugging you. You are so brave, it takes guts to get a doctorate and you are stepping out and trusting in the Father to carry you through, have I told you lately what an inspiration you are to me?...I have pumped your veins with lots of sugar and caffeine and am so ready for this exam to be over I could scream, or cry, or both...but I am here and believe you can finish strong and well with this test. Love you up to the moon and as big as the sky. 
I had to include these two prints...the first is a print in our bedroom hanging beside our bed (purchase here)...just a sweet reminder to us both that when we are apart for short times or long times we will always be thinking of each other. 

And this is a card that you can buy here, but this is what Ben and I do pretty much every night...but this week he has been at the office well after midnight...missing our phone time in bed. :)

okay now for a few more letters...

Dear Tea, drinking you makes me feel more grown up, like a real live southern belle. I have always hated on you for your lack of flavor yet have found myself drinking you daily now. Here's to my sweet IG friend Felicia for inspiring me to start trying tea...I love it. 

Dear Sera Beth, you are getting MARRIED this Saturday. Wow, what an exciting day it will be. You are going to make a beautiful bride. I don't even know if you will see this before Saturday but here is a little advice from a girl who was just in your shoes...Let it roll...stuff is gonna go wrong, it may rain, the piano guy may have his wife going into labor, but at the end of the day you will still be married. Stop during the reception just to soak it all in, enjoy it, and take mental pictures. Try to eat some of the food. Talk to everyone, but make sure to take pictures with all your friends! DRINK WATER. and after you leave, turn off your phone and be mysterious to the world until you return from your honeymoon. I cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle this weekend. 

Lesley, you get to be one of our first house guests! We have only had a couple people stay with us so I am really happy to be hosting you this weekend, so happy to get to see you after months of being apart. Cannot believe you are in DOUBLE DIGITS until your wedding! :) 

Dear Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, you are killing my self control. But it is really okay because you are just so darn buttery and delicious that I cannot actually be mad at you...ready for you to be gone though before I gained 10 pounds. 

Happy Friday friends! I am linking up for 5 on Friday with my sweet friends DarciAprilChristinaNatasha! :) My 5 on Friday is in letter form this week, because my old soul just swoons over letters. Speaking of...I have some happy snail mail going out today as part of my 101 in 1001 and my March Goals! Add your address to my postables book!! :)



TEASER: Do you love this items? You may want to tune back in next week for a fun little giveaway including these adorable items!!