Inspiration for your Walls

Happiest of Mondays to you!! Our weekend was filled with sunshine, walks around town, visits from family, and yummy home-cooked meals! It was a great and restful weekend! We spent a long time cleaning yesterday, and I was reminded of what joy I find in taking care of our little home. I love this journey of creating a home with my husband. As you know, we live in an old Victorian home that has been split into while we cannot paint the walls we can hang up anything our hearts desire. So, prints are a great way to bring meaning to any room for little cost and no damage to the apartment, and I just love that. I want our home and the decorations inside to reflect our family. I hope for them to reflect what we believe, what we are passionate about, and what matters most to us. Also, I want our home to be beautiful. This is not so I can brag about it or show it off, but rather so it makes people feel comfortable, at ease, and inspired when they step inside. 

We want people to feel more in love with Jesus when they look around at what is on our walls, and what fills up our home. Ben and I truly hope that even our material possessions reflect the glory of the Lord. Prints are a great way to do this. They are beautiful, inspirational, and most often they are handmade. You all know how I love handmade. So I wanted to round up some of my favorite prints for the home to share with you today. 

Source: Oh My Deer

Source: Lindsay Letters

I love all of these so much and would love to say I have them all in my home right now. Hopefully someday. These are some of my all time favorite artists when it comes to calligraphy, watercolor, and design. They make beautiful things with their talent and share their gifts with other through their artwork, what a beautiful thing. I hope you enjoy these prints, and go and give these artists some love. Some of these prints can even be downloaded for less than $20! What a great deal for a handwritten item! 

Make your walls happy, fill them with pretty papers, artwork, and words. 

Much Love,