Loving Jesus as a Newlywed (Guest Post)

I am so happy to have my sweet blog friend Amy appearing on Oh Simple Thoughts today. She is a joy to know, and I have loved beginning to foster a lovely friendship with her via email. Amy love Jesus and her husband, and while she has only been married a few months I think she has a lot of wisdom to share with us all about seeking the Lord wholeheartedly during the transition from singleness to marriage! Enjoy her sweet words and make sure and stop by Lovely Does It and show Amy some love! 

Hello there Oh Simple Thoughts readers!  My name is Amy coming over here today from the blog Lovely Does It.  I am so thankful to Rachel for letting me share on her blog today!  She is such a genuine and kind person, and I only know her through her blog and e-mails....but I LOVE that we are in this same stage of newly-wedded ness.....and that is what she asked me to share about today!

Being a wife is a role that was much anticipated by me as I was growing up, and for the several years that I was out of high school.  I was so anxious to "find" the man that God had for me....and turns out, he found me!  But, our love story is for another day!

Adam and I got married on January 4th of this year- so we are just shy of 3 months of marriage.
I can't even say what a blessing it has been.  I have loved all the learning and growth that has come from this season.

And, I'll admit, not all of it has been easy.....but it's all been precious to us.  There is tons to learn as you go from a single, independent woman, to molding your life with and becoming one with a man.
I wanted to share some things that I have learned in my relationship with the Lord as we have transitioned from single life to married life.  And- these are lessons I am learning.  I am in the present with all of these- so be challenged, be encouraged, and learn with me!
1. Only Christ will Satisfy. "What...my husband is not going to be able to meet all my needs and make my life completely whole and fulfilled????"
And, you know what...that's okay.  I have been met with this several times in my life before marriage.  Thinking that  something in this life will satisfy you, and meet the deep longing in your heart is always going to leave you lacking.  Christ, and Christ alone will satisfy that. In marriage, there are many beautiful blessings....companionship, a listening ear, a best friend, intimacy, romance, and countless other roles. It's okay to rely on one another for those things, but it's important to stay focused on Christ as individuals, because only He can truly meet the needs of our souls for grace and peace in our lives. If I am not seeking the Lord, I have so much less to offer my husband in our relationship.  Putting Christ first, is loving Adam well.

2. God is Gracious. Marriage has been an incredible blessing.  Two people, loving Jesus, joining their lives together knowing that they can love Him and serve Him more effectively together, is so beautiful and God honoring.  We are loving this season of our lives and are so thankful that we are able to share this life with one another. It is a huge reminder of God's goodness to provide us with one another, and I am encouraged knowing that God knows my needs and desires, and delights in fulfilling them in line with His purposes. 

3. I need Jesus. If you are not already face-to-face with your apparent and desperate need of the Lord.....then get married! (not for real, but seriously).  Before marriage, Adam and I read books, listened to sermons, and sought wisdom from others. Really though, nothing can prepare you for actually living with one another, realizing that even though you are married- you are still going to have arguments, and being slapped in the face with your own selfishness. It has been a wake-up call to me for my need of depending on the Lord, and I am thankful for that.

4. God loves us deeply. Marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ and the church.....and it is such a wonderful example of the deep love that He has for us as His people.  A marriage that is functioning the way God has designed it to, is so glorifying to Him and paints a wonderful picture of the relationship that the bride (the church) is to have with Christ. Adam is a wonderful example to me of this kind of love in providing for and protecting me, and loving me deeply.  What a beautiful picture that is to my heart.
I love how God uses situations and circumstances in our lives to teach us, and to grow us closer to Him in beautiful ways.  Marriage has definitely been one of those ways for me....and I am sure it will continue to be with each new month, and eventually each new year that we are married!  


Thanks again for letting me share today Rachel!

I hope and pray that this was an encouragement, and that if you are married, you are growing closer each day to your husband, and to Christ!
What have you been learning about your relationship with Christ as a married woman?