Handmade Highlight - Two Sisters Shoppe

I am so excited to introduce to you another AMAZING Etsy shop today. This is a sister duo that work together to make adorable paper goods and baby products! Meet Natalie and Laurie of The Two Sister Shoppe Go grab your morning tea or coffee and come link up over at Tuesday Tea with SamanthaJenni, and Renee!

How gorgeous are these gals? So so lovely! And guess what? They are both mamas to some adorable little ones! 

Sweet Babies! :) So these sisters love Jesus and they are so talented at making lovely things. Take a look at some of their handiwork...

Ah, I just swoon over all this loveliness. As usual I asked Natalie and Laurie some questions so you could get to know them a little bit better! (Natalie answered the questions since Laurie is a super new mommy and spending her time adjusting to her new baby girl and recovering from delivery)

What inspired you both to open up shop? 
We have always been busy creating something.  From dramatic beanie baby plays (yeah, you read that right) to painting cute canvases or sewing bags and skirts. Recently my creativity veered towards art prints and painting on pillows (by the way, these will be coming to the shop very soon) while Laurie started sewing baby accessories, pillows and drawing art prints as well.  People started showing interest in our new creations and after many long nights of preparation and a lot of help from our supportive husbands, we opened up an Etsy shop.

What has been the greatest joy for you in creating something for others? 

A lot of what I like to paint or draw is verses from the bible. I am thrilled that God is using me to be an encouragement to people. It is an honor to be the source behind the painting that is able to remind them that God deeply loves them and that He is faithful.  I also make note cards that people have bought for ministry purposes.  I so enjoy caring for and loving on people and I am privileged that people buy my cards to do just that. 

What is it like being in business with your sister?
 Okay so I am the type of person that adlibs and creates spur of the moment whenever I feel a whim of inspiration. When Laurie creates, it is well thought out, planned, organized and well, uh, perfect.  When we put our heads together it was like…hello! Ideal combination!  She brings order and beauty to the business. I bring personality and uniqueness to the business.  Being partners in the shop has never been a problem.  We work really well together and when there are tense situations we usually yell, look at each other, and laugh. ;) Laurie is my interpreter through and through and I completely understand Laurie and can read her like a book. All in all, being in business with my sister is just plain fun.  

What has been your favorite part of newlywed life/motherhood?
 Marriage has been beyond wonderful.  I married my childhood crush, who was also my best friend in high school.  Doing life with this passionate guy is the best and I love that I am the one who gets to fix a big breakfast for him, wrestle with him, cut the back of his hair for him, watch movies at 2 am with him, clip his toenails for him.  It so fun getting to know him better and better every day. We are genuinely best friends. Now, being a mother came sooner than I thought! We were married a month and a half when I found out I was pregnant with Kyler. I would never, ever, trade it for the anything. Being a young parent isn’t as tough as people think. It is FUN and amazing! Kyler has grown me a lot as well as taught me a lot.  He has also spoiled me by being such an easy and well behaved baby.  I thank God every single day for my guys.  Life would be dull and slobber-less without them. 

What is one thing the Lord is teaching you right now? 
To stay focused on Him.  You’d think because I am a stay-at-home mom who is not in school that I would have all the time in the world. NOT so. I consider it an honor to keep our house clean and beautiful and to take care of my sweet baby Kyler. It is a full time job, however.  Not to mention all the other activities or responsibilities that pop up constantly.  I wouldn’t say all this is hard at all but I will say that it can all get very distracting.  Without God, none of this would even matter.  It is so important to read His word and pray daily.  It is so important to praise Him when things are good and to praise Him when things are not so good.  I am here on this earth to bring glory to God! That is my focus everyday and I pray that it will always continue to be. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to small business owners? 
 Two things: 1) Pray about it, and give the business over to the Lord. 2) Do what you love. It will get busy and you will feel overrun but if it is what you love doing…you will do it and keep on loving it; even when it gets crazy.  

What are your favorite items to create? 
I absolutely love painting (on anything) but I think my favorite has been doing art prints and note cards. The reason being, I can sketch in bed or on the couch next to Justin.  It’s the best because I can get business done and be with my husband at the same time and get his opinion on it every now and then. And I love, love doodling and hand lettering. I also love designing custom invitation/prints/canvases.  I have done a lot of custom designs for locals and I want to start offering custom invitations on our Etsy.  Custom is so much fun because it is always different and I love creating something special for someone that is just for them.

Thank you so much Natalie and Laurie for letting me highlight you guys! I hope you all show them some love and go check out their adorable shop!

What are your favorite Two Sisters Shoppe items shown?

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