One Year Anniversary Shoot Inspiration

Good Morning friends! Ben and I are quickly approaching our one year wedding anniversary...I simply cannot believe it. A year goes by like the blink of an eye, and wow how quickly this first year has passed. I have been dreaming about doing an anniversary photo shoot for quite sometime now. I knew I wanted it to be taken outside, with gorgeous sunlight. However, I really wanted it to be fun, unique and special to our personalities.
So we have decided to have a picnic themed photo shoot. I want it to be somewhat vintage inspired but not to an extreme level. I have been brainstorming props and I think our record player, banjo, and old readers digest books will be included. I am beyond excited about this, and I cannot wait to introduce you to our incredible photographer/one of my closest friends in just a few weeks. She is fantastic, and y'all are all gonna love her. Here are some pictures that have inspired this shoot, as well as helped me brainstorm props, poses and ideas for our pictures! 

Don't these pictures just make your heart happy? I love all the natural light, vintage touches and whimsy. Now I just need to find the perfect picnic basket to tie all of our props together. I am thinking we will include some glass bottle cokes, fresh flowers, and maybe even the top layer of our wedding cake. 

What do you think? Any ideas to go along with our picnic theme?

Much Love,