Tour Our City: Chapel of Memories

Ben and I love Starkville, MS. This was our college town, and now had become our home as newlyweds. We want to share little snippets of our life here with you, so occasionally I will be writing these "Tour our City" posts to show you where we live and what we love in our community.We both were very fond of this place while in school. I was even a student recruiter/tour guide while I was in undergrad. MSU is one special place to us for a million different reasons. However, there is one spot on Mississippi State's campus that is extra special. The Chapel of Memories.

This place is full of history. There was a dormitory called Old Main that was on MSU's campus back in the early days of the University. Back before women were allowed to come to school here. It was said to be the largest dormitory in the nation at the time. It burned down over a Christmas break, thankfully only one person passed away in this accident. 

The University wanted to create a way for everyone who came to MSU to remember this accident and the massive dormitory. So, they built The Chapel of Memories out of the bricks salvaged from Old Main. It is now always open, day and night, for students, and alumni to enjoy. You can walk in and often hear talented student playing piano, it is such a peaceful place.

The Chapel is special to Ben and I for a different reason. This is where our first conversation took place, where we went for long talks and jam sessions on the piano, and where Ben proposed. (Read story here) He washed my feet in this fountain and prayed over me just minutes before he took me inside and got down on one knee. 

We love this place. It is a little piece of history, and a reminder of days gone by for anyone who sees it. I am really looking forward to sharing more with you all in the future of our favorite spots and places around Starkville. 

What are your favorite local places?

Much Love,