Wedding Bliss + Instagram Recap

Happy Monday sweet friends!! :) I hope your weekend was full of rest and sweet springtime memories made. Ours certainly was. I feel as though this week was such a whirlwind, but the weekend was so sweet, and just a ton of fun. I love being transparent with you guys and letting you into my world. So I thought I would do a little Instagram recap and share about some of our weekend happenings today!

1. Chocolate Chip Muffins + food photography practice. I cannot wait to share this yummy recipe with you all TOMORROW. Stay tuned. 

2. I was so surprised to receive this calligraphy set in the mail from Ben's grandmother. She reads my blog regularly and I know she saw my 101 in 1001 list which has #75- Teach myself calligraphy. I am so excited to use this kit and teach myself to write in calligraphy. Thanks Nana, I will be calling you soon. You are so sweet to think of me! Love You!!

3. Read my post about all that I learned from my sweet Grammy here that you may have missed last week. She was a joy to know and love. Miss her everyday! 

4. I have started following along with She Reads Truth, and I am LOVING it. So sweet to tap into such a large community of Christ seeking women. 

5. Have you guys met my sweet friend Valerie? Go check out this sweet lady and her amazing talent in the design department. She is so gifted, and a joy to follow! This print it FREE to print over on her blog! And can be used as your desktop background. I hung this on our gorgeous!

6. Crusty Bread- find the recipe here. This is a fool proof recipe and so yummy. You do not have to kneed it or anything. Just let it rise over night and bake in a cast iron dutch oven. Yummy, and so pretty.

7. Best part of my weekend was watching this friend and mentor of mine walk down the aisle and become a wife. She has taught me how to truly pursue Jesus Christ with everything that I am. 

8. Isn't she the most beautiful bride? Oh what a glorious day Saturday was. She worked so hard to make sure every guest was pointed to Jesus and not her, her dress, or her decorations. It was amazing. We all left loving Jesus more and feeling overjoyed to be called his child. 

9. Documentation that my good looking husband was in attendance at the wedding. Weddings always remind me of our special day almost one year ago (ah almost a year? WHAT?!!). It is always so much fun to reflect on that special time.

So now to share a little more of my sweet friend's wedding. The wedding and reception took place at her grandparents home, which is stunning. They worked so hard to build this house and it shows, from the handmade (by her grandfather himself) cedar planks inside to the lovely garden and courtyard in the back, it is nothing but a breathtaking home. Saturday was sunny, with a nice breeze, and perfect for a wedding.

Such a gorgeous wedding! Ben and I spent all day Sunday working on planting some plants on our porch!! YAY for completing #5 on my 101 in 1001 list. Tune in to Instagram for some more picture of our lovely little plant babies! 

Also, it is time to announce the winner of the Atlas Print by The Rustic Orange Etsy Shop! And the winner is Laura Kathleen! Hope you enjoy this print in your bedroom, or in your parents room for you at their house! I will be emailing you soon for shipping information! Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! I will be hosting a BIG group giveaway with some INCREDIBLE goodies in a few weeks so be on the lookout!

How was your weekend?

Much Love,